Thursday June 22nd, 2017 2:27PM

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France probes death reportedly from exploding cream canister
French authorities are investigating the death of a fitness blogger reportedly hit by an exploding whipped cream canister that was withdrawn from the market in 2013, officials and the company that makes the product said Thursday
11:32AM ( 2 hours ago )
Student loan servicer fights back as states eye protections
A company fighting to become the nation's single servicer of student loans under a plan backed by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has lobbied against licensing efforts in Maine and elsewhere this year
9:23PM ( 1 day ago )
Shooting of mentally ill man raises policing questions
Decision by law officers against taking immediate action against mentally troubled man armed with a pair of knives subject of national debate in how law enforcement handles cases dealing with the mentally ill
4:13PM ( 4 days ago )
More flight delays, cancellations for US airlines in April
Latest US figures show an increase in canceled and delayed flights; consumer complaints are up too
6:42PM ( 1 week ago )
More flight delays, cancellations and complaints on airlines
Latest US figures show an increase in canceled and delayed flights; consumer complaints are up too
6:08PM ( 1 week ago )
Feds point fingers as 'debt relief' cos. prey on students
NerdWallet takes an in-depth look at the pervasive and predatory student loan scams sweeping the countryOnly seven of 130 student-loan businesses have been shut down by the U.S. government agencies
11:16AM ( 1 week ago )
Administration looks to curb CFPB powers, change bank rules
The Trump administration is proposing to curb the authority of the consumer finance watchdog created following the economic crisis as it drives toward easing restrictions on banks and financial institutions
8:14PM ( 1 week ago )
3 Mile Island owner threatens to close ill-fated plant
Nearly four decades after Three Mile Island became the site of the nation's worst commercial nuclear power accident, the plant's owners are threatening to shut it down in 2019 unless the state of Pennsylvania comes to its financial rescue
4:40PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Italian court OKs class action lawsuit against Volkswagen
A court in Italy has opened the way for a class action lawsuit against the automaker Volkswagen over the "dieselgate" emissions scandal
10:44AM ( 4 weeks ago )
Judges divided in hearing on consumer agency power
Federal appeals judges are divided as they hear arguments over whether the president should be able to more easily fire the head of the government's consumer finance watchdog agency
5:25PM ( 4 weeks ago )