Sunday February 19th, 2017 6:49AM

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Appeals court will reconsider ruling on consumer agency
A federal appeals court said Thursday it will reconsider an earlier ruling that would have made it easier for President Donald Trump to fire the head of the government's consumer finance watchdog agency
4:09PM ( 2 days ago )
Washington court rules against florist in gay wedding case
The Washington state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a florist who refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding broke antidiscrimination laws
3:07PM ( 2 days ago )
Georgia lawmakers work to end 'surprise billing'
Georgia legislators are working on a set of bills that aim to prevent unanticipated medical bills from out-of-network providers
3:30AM ( 1 week ago )
Microsoft lawsuit vs. secret government searches moves ahead
A judge has refused the U.S. government's request to throw out a lawsuit from Microsoft claiming a federal law is unconstitutional because it prohibits technology companies from telling customers when the government demands their electronic data
4:44PM ( 1 week ago )
Trump attacks restrictions on big banks, retirement advisers
President Donald Trump has launched his long-promised attack on banking rules that were rushed into law after the nation's economic crisis
3:45AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Trump launches his attack on banks' financial restraints
President Donald Trump launched his long-promised attack Friday on banking rules that were rushed into law after the nation's economic crisis, signing new orders and pledging further action to free big banks from restrictions
6:27PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Mayor: Pittsburgh water safe despite boil-water advisory
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto says tests indicate the city's water is safe even though about 100,000 customers are still being advised to boil tap water before using it
8:43AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Russell Simmons' RushCard fined $13 million for 2015 outage
Federal regulators are ordering hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' company RushCard to pay $13 million in fines and restitution related to a 2015 outage that cut off customers from their money
1:36PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Democratic state attorneys general begin Trump pushback
Washington is the first state to sue the Trump administration, but others are preparing to follow
10:42AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Democratic state AGs move to defend consumer watchdog
Attorneys general from 16 states and the District of Columbia are seeking to defend a U.S. consumer watchdog agency in court amid speculation that President Donald Trump may fire its director, Richard Cordray
7:10PM ( 3 weeks ago )