Monday January 16th, 2017 7:50PM

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Woody Harrelson goes live from London, talks 'Star Wars'
Woody Harrelson is trying to do something that's never been done before, although he's starting to realize why his feat would be a first
12:56PM ( 6 hours ago )
PBS: No 'red flag' on funding under Trump, but it's early
PBS chief executive Paula Kerger says the network is waiting, but not quietly, to see what the Trump administration's impact on public broadcasting and its federal funding may be
8:58PM ( 22 hours ago )
PBS Kids round-the-clock TV, online channel launches Monday
PBS is launching a round-the-clock PBS Kids channel that will be available on member stations and digital platforms
8:27PM ( 23 hours ago )
'Get Smart' actor Dick Gautier dead at 85
Actor and comedian Dick Gautier, who gained fame playing an Elvis-like singer in the Broadway musical "Bye Bye Birdie" and went on to play Hymie the Robot on TV's "Get Smart," has died
6:24PM ( 1 day ago )
Vietnam doc makes Ken Burns, Trent Reznor partners
Documentarian Ken Burns and composer Trent Reznor describe their unlikely partnership as among the most rewarding of their careers
4:38PM ( 1 day ago )
'Reality TV' campaigning is part of new political world
A young New York City councilman is allowing a documentary film crew to shadow him as he considers a run against Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio
9:08AM ( 1 day ago )
'Sherlock' season finale leaks online 1 day before premiere
There's a little less mystery about the season finale of the television series "Sherlock" after a Russian version of the episode leaked online
1:19PM ( 2 days ago )
Katie Couric's evolution, Legend on Trump, Perry on Kennedy
Add singer John Legend, a producer of the TV series 'Underground,' to the list of Hollywood critics of Donald Trump
9:25PM ( 2 days ago )
John Legend and creator of 'Underground' assail Trump
Add singer John Legend and the creator of television's 'Underground' to the list of Hollywood critics of Donald Trump
8:22PM ( 2 days ago )
Informed Katie Couric offers 'Gender Revolution' special
Katie Couric, slammed three years ago as insensitive during an interview with transgender women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox, says she's evolved
6:44PM ( 3 days ago )