Saturday October 21st, 2017 4:40AM

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Somalia's death toll now at 358 as 'state of war' planned
Somalia's death toll now at 358 as president set to announce 'state of war' on al-Shabab
3:46AM ( 54 minutes ago )
IS claims responsibility for Afghan mosque attack
Islamic State group claims responsibility for suicide bombing at Shiite mosque in Afghan capital that killed at least 39
3:36AM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: IS claims responsibility for Kabul bomb attack
Islamic State group claims responsibility for suicide bombing attack on Shiite mosque in Kabul
2:38AM ( 2 hours ago )
Officials say dead from Kabul mosque attack rises to 39
Afghan Interior Ministry says fatalities from suicide bombing in Shiite mosque in capital Kabul rises to 39 dead and 41 wounded
1:43AM ( 2 hours ago )
Japan votes: Incumbent PM Abe appears headed to victory
Japan's leader may have made the right call after all, if not for his country then for himself
10:20PM ( 6 hours ago )
Trump: UN has 'tremendous potential' under new leadership
President Donald Trump says the United Nations has "tremendous potential" that "hasn't been used over the years nearly as it should be." Trump is meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
9:22PM ( 7 hours ago )
Suicide bombings in Afghanistan hit mosques, killing 63
Suicide bombers strike Shiite mosque in Kabul, Sunni mosque in western Ghor province, killing at least 63 people
5:07PM ( 11 hours ago )
The Latest: US condemns twin suicide attacks in Afghanistan
The Latest: The United States is strongly condemning attacks by twin suicide bombers on two mosques in Afghanistan that killed at least 63 people
5:01PM ( 11 hours ago )
EU leaders struggle to break through Brexit talks impasse
Leaders of Britain and the 27 other European Union members have agreed that much remains to be done in Brexit talks
4:42PM ( 11 hours ago )
Power to the people: 2 Italy regions to hold autonomy votes
It is greater autonomy __ not independence __ that two of Italy's wealthiest regions are seeking in a pair of non-binding referendums next weekend, yet Catalonia's secessionist ambitions loom over the debate
4:07PM ( 12 hours ago )