Wednesday January 18th, 2017 5:11PM

AP Health - Children's Health

Stolen laptop had info of thousands of hospital patients
Officials at Children's Hospital Los Angeles say a laptop stolen from a physician's car last year may have contained personal health information for nearly 3,600 patients
9:30PM ( 1 day ago )
UConn pitcher, 6-year-old linked by cancer fights
It began for UConn pitcher Ryan Radue as a small role in a team effort to help a sick child
1:04PM ( 4 days ago )
The Latest: Obama calls for Trump to 'get to work' on Russia
President Barack Obama says he hopes President-elect Donald Trump will "get to work" trying to prevent Russia from interfering again in a U.S. election
11:08PM ( 1 week ago )
Trump asks skeptic to probe vaccine safety, alarming doctors
President-elect Donald Trump is reviving long debunked attempts to link vaccines to autism, asking a vocal skeptic to chair a commission on vaccination safety
6:17PM ( 1 week ago )
The Latest: RFK Jr. to chair commission on vaccine safety
Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a vocal vaccination skeptic, says President-elect Donald Trump has asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety
2:37PM ( 1 week ago )
Doctors Without Borders giving food to Boko Haram refugees
Doctors Without Borders says it has given food to 26,000 families taking refuge from Boko Haram Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria's biggest city, stepping outside its traditional medical role to try to prevent more children dying
6:09AM ( 1 week ago )
New advice: Peanuts in baby's diet can prevent scary allergy
New parents, get ready to feed your babies peanut-containing foods _ starting young lowers their chances of becoming allergic
2:39PM ( 1 week ago )
Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth visit patients at kids hospital
Miley Cyrus and her fiancee, Liam Hemsworth, have brought some holiday cheer to patients at a San Diego children's hospital
12:20PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Cancer patient donates year's worth of pizza to food bank
A Pennsylvania man going through treatment for colon cancer won a pizza parlor's raffle for a year's worth of free pies and then donated his prize to a food bank
5:34PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Despite frigid weather, Mongolians protest worsening smog
Hundreds of Mongolians have braved frigid weather to stage a protest in the country's capital demanding that the government do more to address worsening air pollution they fear is sickening their children and shortening their lives
5:46AM ( 3 weeks ago )