Sunday August 20th, 2017 10:40PM

AP Health

Physicist Hawking criticizes UK health secretary on service
Noted physicist Stephen Hawking has criticized Britain's health secretary for his use of scientific evidence to support changes in the National Health Service
10:48AM ( 1 day ago )
Vietnam battles dengue outbreaks with 42 percent more cases
Vietnam is battling raging dengue fever outbreaks with more than 10,000 new infections reported over the past three weeks stretching its medical system.
4:30AM ( 2 days ago )
3 charities cancel Mar-a-Lago events amid Trump backlash
Three charities are canceling fundraisers at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort as the president faces a backlash from his comments about violence in Charlottesville, Virginia
8:01PM ( 3 days ago )
FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia
FDA approves new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer after other treatments have failed
5:35PM ( 3 days ago )
Lawsuit: Birth control for sentencing breaks violated rights
A federal lawsuit claims a Tennessee sheriff and judge violated the constitutional rights of inmates by reducing their jail time if they underwent free birth control procedures
5:04PM ( 3 days ago )
Cleveland Clinic will pull event from Mar-a-Lago resort
A leading U.S. hospital says it will pull an annual fundraiser from Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort after all
3:39PM ( 3 days ago )
July ranks 2nd for heat globally, hottest recorded on land
US government scientists calculate that Earth broiled last month to more record-like heat, calling it part of man-made global warming
2:39PM ( 3 days ago )
Cambodian medic who spread HIV asks for court's mercy
Unlicensed Cambodian medical practitioner, sentenced to 25 years in prison for infecting more than 100 villagers with HIV, admits mistake, says he only sought to provide care for his community
8:59AM ( 3 days ago )
Father charged in baby boy's fatal overdose of opioid combo
An Ohio man has been charged in the fatal drug overdose of his 1-year-old son
8:27AM ( 3 days ago )
White House: Gov't to make health law payments this month
The White House says President Donald Trump will make August payments to insurers under the health-care law he wants to repeal and replace.
5:02PM ( 4 days ago )