Saturday January 20th, 2018 12:34AM

AP Online Headlines - Washington

Official: Plan to exempt Florida from drilling isn't final
An Interior Department official says the Trump administration's promise to exempt Florida from an offshore drilling plan is not a formal action
1:54PM ( 10 hours ago )
Trump, Schumer to meet as Dems, GOP trade pre-shutdown blame
A bitterly divided Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown this weekend in a partisan stare-down
1:28PM ( 11 hours ago )
Pence to travel to Middle East despite potential shutdown
Vice President Mike Pence set to travel to Mideast on Friday night despite a looming federal government shutdown
1:26PM ( 11 hours ago )
The Latest: Trump addressing March for Life from Rose Garden
President Donald Trump is addressing the anti-abortion March for Life from the White House Rose Garden
1:23PM ( 11 hours ago )
The Latest: Trump invites Dem leader to seek budget deal
President Donald Trump has invited Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to the White House to try to reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown
12:49PM ( 11 hours ago )
Dem, GOP leaders already blame each other as shutdown looms
A bitterly divided Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown this weekend in a partisan stare-down
12:41PM ( 11 hours ago )
The Latest: House votes to remain in session, for now
The House has voted to remain in session _ for now at least _ while a Senate vote to avert a government shutdown looms.
12:23PM ( 12 hours ago )
Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes--and save Big Tobacco
US health officials are pushing ahead with an unprecedented plan to make cigarettes less addictive and provide lower-risk alternative products to US smokers
12:21PM ( 12 hours ago )
The Latest: GOP leader insists Democrats will 'own' shutdown
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that Democrats will get the blame for a partial government shutdown that looks increasingly likely
12:05PM ( 12 hours ago )
US weighs designating embassy in Jerusalem as early as 2019
The Trump administration is considering a plan to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to an existing building in Jerusalem temporarily until a new embassy can be built in the holy city
12:01PM ( 12 hours ago )