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AP Online Headlines - Washington

Clinton pitches minimum-wage boost while fundraising in L.A.
Clinton takes a detour from big-dollar fundraising in California to pitch her plans for higher federal minimum wage
5:02PM ( 1 year ago )
Sanders picks up a few more delegates at Colorado convention
Sanders nets a few extra delegates at Colorado's Democratic state convention
4:54PM ( 1 year ago )
Raul Castro presents grim portrait of Cuban reforms
Cuban President Raul Castro delivered a grim report on the state of the country on Saturday, saying that the communist bureaucracy had failed to implement most of the hundreds of changes the ruling party launched five years ago
4:27PM ( 1 year ago )
Cruz promises Wyoming Republicans to roll back 'war on coal'
Republican candidate Ted Cruz is promising to roll back what he calls President Barack Obama's 'war on coal' if he's elected president
3:54PM ( 1 year ago )
Pope: Sanders encounter sign of good manners, 'nothing more'
Pope Francis says he briefly greeted U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the two shook hands, and he describes the encounter as a sign of good manners, "nothing more.''
3:22PM ( 1 year ago )
Finance leaders pledge forceful response to boost economy
Finance officials are pledging a more forceful effort to stimulate a sluggish global economy
3:14PM ( 1 year ago )
Iraq in political limbo after stalled reform attempts
Failed attempts to oust the speaker of parliament and a fresh ultimatum from an influential Shiite cleric have left Iraq in a state of political limbo
2:19PM ( 1 year ago )
German, French foreign ministers in Libya in show of support
The German and French foreign ministers are on a joint visit to Libya to demonstrate the international community's support for the country's new U.N.-brokered unity government
1:05PM ( 1 year ago )
Financial markets are calmer, but world economy faces risks
The world economy is still sluggish
12:55PM ( 1 year ago )
French president vows support for Lebanon during visit
French President Francois Hollande says his country will stand by Lebanon to boost security in the tiny Arab country that is "surrounded by crisis and wars" and urged the parliament to elect a new president whose post has been vacant for nearly two years
12:38PM ( 1 year ago )