GSP releases full report on 2023 wreck on Ga. 365 which left 5 dead

By Austin Eller News Director
Posted 3:00PM on Wednesday 13th March 2024 ( 3 months ago )

The Georgia State Patrol Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team has released a full report behind a July 16, 2023, wreck on Georgia 365 in Habersham County which left five people dead.

That wreck happened at about 3:20 p.m. that day at 365's intersection with Mount Zion Road.

The Georgia State Patrol previously told AccessWDUN a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette was driving southbound on the road as a 2015 Ford Explorer was attempting to drive westbound on Mount Zion Road and cross 365. The Ford Explorer traveled in front of the Corvette, causing the Corvette to strike the Explorer on its passenger side, leading to a fiery explosion.

All five people involved in the crash died as a result. Avonlea Holtzclaw, 29, of Dahlonega, was driving the Explorer with her 5- and 6-year-old children as passengers. The occupants of the Corvette included Mitchell Boggs, 58, of Marietta, and Seyhan Kilincci, 51, of Roswell. 

In the newly released report, the GSP Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team said the Corvette was traveling at a minimum speed of 106 to 120 mph at the time of the collision.

"After the initial collision, the Ford began to roll over onto its driver's side," the report said. "This movement of the Ford created a 'takeoff' ramp for the Corvette to become airborne."

The report said the Corvette is estimated to have traveled 194 feet while in the air. The Ford is estimated to have traveled about 142 feet while sliding on its driver's side following the collision.

Holtzclaw had about 733 feet in sight distance at the intersection. With the minimum possible speed for the Corvette estimated at 106 mph, the report said the vehicle would have traveled that 733 feet in 4.7 seconds.

"It is to be noted the Corvette is a very low-profile vehicle and close to the ground," the report said. "Especially when compared to other motor vehicles on the roadway ... it is impossible to determine if Ms. Holtzclaw even saw the Corvette prior to attempting to cross the southbound lanes. Or if she did see it, simply misjudged the Corvette's speed ... it would be difficult for the average driver to interpret, yet alone anticipate a vehicle would be traveling at such a high rate of speed."

The report said Holtzclaw was on the phone at the time of the wreck, and investigators were not able to determine if she was using a hands-free or Bluetooth device.

"However, it is impossible to know, and it is not being implied, that she was distracted or violated any Georgia laws," the report said.

One point of question in the months following the wreck relates to the driver of the Corvette. The Georgia State Patrol told AccessWDUN in 2023 that it was unable to determine whether Boggs or Kilincci were driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. The final report reconfirmed that statement due to the severity of the crash.

"With all the evidence reviewed and theories considered, there are too many variables and not enough physical evidence to state beyond a reasonable doubt who was driving the Corvette," the report said.

The report mentioned rumors about text messages stating that Kilincci was driving the Corvette.

"These messages have not been made public to any investigators or able to be verified," the report said. "Moreover, this text message was reportedly sent one hour prior to the collision. A text message sent one hour prior to the crash, even if it was true ... is not enough evidence alone to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a particular person was driving."

Boggs had a blood alcohol concentration of .03, while Kilincci's was .011, according to the report. The agency said GBI reports were still pending for Holtzclaw and her two children.

Photo: Georgia State Patrol Specialized Reconstruction Team

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