Sawnee Electric Foundation distributes over $40K in grants

By AccessWDUN Staff
Posted 8:00PM on Sunday 10th March 2024 ( 3 months ago )

The Sawnee Electric Foundation announced Wednesday plans to distribute over $40K to local charities, projects and scholarships.

The funds for distribution were reportedly generated from co-op members through Sawnee EMC's Operation Round Up program, officials said Wednesday.

Operation Round Up is a program that allows members to round their electric bill up to the next dollar. That money is then directed into the Sawnee Electric Foundation, where 100% is given through a series of grants by the Board of Directors.

Participating members donate, on average, approximately 6$ per year, according to officials.

The Foundation Board approved $27,590 for local charitable organizations, $2,876.94 for Bright Ideas classroom grants and $10,000 for local college foundation scholarships.

First-quarter grants for 2024 will be awarded to the following charitable organizations, projects, and scholarships:

“Sawnee EMC members have a unique opportunity to support their local communities through Operation Round Up,” Mandy Love, Director of Marketing said. “We are proud of the impact made through Operation Round Up; funds are raised by our members and then returned back to our local communities.”

Approximately 14,500 Sawnee EMC members participate in the Operation Round Up program every month, according to officials. In total, the foundation has donated over $4.4 million to local communities since its inception in 2003.

Members of the Good Shepherd Clinic of Dawson County received charitable donations from the Sawnee Electric Foundation.

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