Trades in Training students work to build show cattle pole barn

By Hamilton Keener Anchor / Reporter
Posted 6:15PM on Friday 14th July 2023 ( 10 months ago )

Students in the Trades in Training program, from different Hall County Schools have been building a show cattle pole barn at the Hall County School District Agribusiness Center this week.

The pole barn is being built for the local FFA chapter to house their show cattle.  

The Trades in Training program is a work-based learning course that allows students to experience live construction work. 

Rodney Presley is the worksite supervisor for the Trades in Training program for the entire HCSD and he said the students have learned valuable skills like running electrical and water lines, raising trusses and beams and building structures. 

“We prepare them in many different areas, this is real-life work,” said Presley. “Therefore, on their resumes, here's their experience, they don't have to wait for their experience to actually, get out of high school and go to work for somebody.”

According to Presley, the students earn credentials with OSHA 10 and get paid for their work

Currently, the program is only for construction, but Presley would like to see it expand to other trades. 

“Trades in Training as of right now we're doing construction but, there are a lot more trades that work with our hands, and I really could see it in the future with different aspects of career tech.”

Jarim Valderrama is a senior at Chestatee High School and a part of the Trades in Training program. He said the program is a great foundation to enter the construction industry.  

“We've learned how to maneuver around big equipment, and how to be safe when we're on scaffolding and things like that,” Valderrama said. “And we've learned, hands-on skills how to be disciplined, teamwork and how to adapt to various work environments because we've been working on this pole barn.”

Valderrama has worked on three different projects and done various work on-site. 

Presley said it is special to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation from the career he has loved for many years.

A student in the Trades in Training program does work on a cattle pole barn.
Students do a variety of construction work while on the job site.
Pole barn for the FFA students have built
Students doing construction on the pole barn
Students do a variety of construction work while on the job site.

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