Terry Poore tops GA State Championships at Lavonia

By Brandon Reed Reporter
Posted 2:11PM on Tuesday 21st November 2023 ( 5 months ago )

It may have taken an extra week thanks to Mother Nature, but the wait was worth it for Terry Poore.

The Seymour, Tennessee driver held off local hero Brandon Haley for the Georgia State Championship Limited Late Model feature win on Sunday at Georgia’s Lavonia Speedway.

The victory at the 3/8-mile clay raceway was worth a $2,000 payday, and came a week after it was scheduled as wet weather last weekend postponed the event.

Owen Osteen finished in third, with Jordy Nipper in fourth, and Larry Timms in fifth.

Austin Fox, John Howard, Matthew Wyatt, Drew Collins, and Tucker Anderson rounded out the top 10.

In other Sunday action, Jimmy Johnson doubled up with a pair of feature wins on the day, scoring the victory in the Modified Street and Stock 8 features.

In the Modified Street race, Johnson beat out Jared Jones for the win, with Nathan Bray in third, Billy Buffington in fourth, and Michael Harrison in fifth.

In the Stock 8 feature, Johnson took the checkered flag ahead of Chad Puckett, followed by Wayne Griggs in third, Eric Dove in fourth, and Zack Stewart in fifth.

Cy Strickland carried home the winner’s trophy in the Open Wheel Modified feature. Grayson Wells followed in second, with Michael Lewis in third, Brian Nickerson in fourth, and Greg Brown in fifth.

In the Young Guns feature, with was Brandon Jones taking the win ahead of Hunter Carey, with Kenneth House, Jr. third, Brantley Bales fourth, and Brandon Greene fifth.

Aiden Fortson was the winner in the 602 Chargers feature, with Seth Christensen, Frankie Barrett, Greg Pruitt, and Brody Kellum rounding out the top five.

The GM Performance 602 Late Models headlined Saturday’s racing action, as Dustin Mitchell held off Blake Craft for the victory. Seth Wimpey crossed the line in third, with Shane Yarbrough in fourth, and Stephen Segars in fifth.

Kevin Cooper took home top honors in the MMSA Stock 4 feature, followed by Justin Taylor in second, Matt Gilbert in third, JR Warren in fourth, and Tyler Riddle in fifth.

Joey Schoen took the checkered flag ahead of Brad Emerson for the Mini Late Model feature victory. Cody Tayler was third, with Mitchell McNurse fourth, and Bryan Funk fifth.

Mickey Brock topped the Pure Stock field for the victory. Kevin Nations, T.J. Penfield, Tyler Abernathy, and Grand Burton rounded out the top five.

Joey Kelly copped the win in the Front Wheel Drive feature. North West finished in second, with Trent Blackwell in third, Preston Kelly in fourth, and Trey Chapman in fifth.

Chris Meinders scored the Crown Vic feature victory, with Jared Peebles in second, Austin Waters in third, Charlie Meinders in fourth, and Savannah Meinders in fifth.

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Lavonia Speedway – Lavonia, GA
Georgia State Championships – November 18-19, 2023

Limited Late Models
1. 2-Terry Poore
2. 51-Brandon Haley
3. 20-Owen Osteen
4. 1N-Jordy Nipper
5. 07-Larry Timms
6. 36-Austin Fox
7. 81-John Howard
8. 19-Matthew Wyatt
9. D5-Drew Collins
10. 22T-Tucker Anderson
11. 23-Mason Tucker
12. 7-Jack Mills
13. 04-Phillip Wilson

Modified Street
1. 1T-Jimmy Johnson
2. 16-Jared Jones
3. 21-Nathan Bray
4. 10-Billy Buffington
5. 46-Michael Harrison
6. 357-Chad Puckett
7. 75-Andy Stewart
8. 99-Jordan Poole
9. 53-Michael Segars
10. 8-Rex Hambrick
11. W34-Wayne Scott

Stock 8
1. 98-Jimmy Johnson
2. 357-Chad Puckett
3. 914-Wayne Griggs
4. 75-Eric Dove
5. 9-Zack Stewart
6. 50-Harley Holden
7. 0-Jeremy Wilder
8. 45-Tyler Wood
9. 153-Michael Segars
10. 13-Stacy Brooks
11. 77-David Stone
12. 55-Seth Brown
13. 17-Josh Nix
14. 14M-Mike Oglesby
15. 19B-Justin Sorrows

Open Wheel Modified
1. 119-Cy Strickland
2. 59-Grayson Wells
3. 39-Michael Lewis
4. 44-Brian Nickerson
5. 312-Greg Brown
6. 12-Josh Thurmond
7. 73-Chris Nickerson
8. 112-Kenny Collins
9. 2-Joe Caples
10. 42-Joseph Galloway
11. 51-Dillon Bates

Young Guns
1. 18-Brandon Jones
2. 5-Hunter Carey
3. 21-Kenneth House, Jr.
4. 11B-Brantley Bales
5. 21G-Brandon Greene
6. 57-Bobby Terry
7. 1A-Aiden White
8. 55-Skylar Brown
9. 11P-Landen Payne
10. 88-Cohen Fortson
11. J14-Jayden Navarro
12. 15B-Koltin Bryant
13. 66-Jaylan Standridge

602 Chargers
1. 3-Aiden Fortson
2. 49C-Seth Christensen
3. 12B-Frankie Barrett
4. 49-Greg Pruitt
5. 10-Brody Kellum
6. 50-Jerry Buice
7. 20-Joe Click
8. 41J-Johnny Crews
9. 12-Ethan Simpson
10. 9-Cody Huff
11. 67-Jason Porter
12. 82-Eli Reece

GM Performance 602 Late Models
1. D8-Dustin Mitchell
2. 121-Blake Craft
3. 24-Seth Wimpey
4. 141-Shane Yarbrough
5. 114-Stephen Segars
6. 49-Seth Christensen
7. 19T-Bryan Tullis
8. 115-Jimmy Ivester
9. 118-Mavrick Davidson
10. 56-Colton Berrong
11. 73-CB McKinnon
12. 36-Austin Fox
13. 3-Mark Ledford
14. 1-Cody Segars-DNF
15. 12B-Kenny Collins-DNF
16. 10-Brody Kellum-DNF
17. 52-Kevin Stephens-DNF

MMSA Stock 4
1. X-Kevin Cooper
2. 02-Justin Taylor
3. 117-Matt Gilbert
4. 121-JR Warren
5. 96X-Tyler Riddle
6. H3-Harley Holden
7. 83-Jasper Brown
8. 19-Justyn Jacobs
9. 28C-Arron Cronic
10. 22H-Scott Hollars
11. 3-Allen Cantrell
12. 03-Roger Cothran
13. 66X-B.J. Franklin
14. 2B-Elliott Brayboy
15. 441-Matt Gerrin
16. 56-Nick Fulcher
17. 2E-Evan Brown
18. 96-Austin Brumbelow
19. 17-Jeremy Fassett
20. 89-Justin Cotton
21. W82-James Moon
22. 8-Kyle Braswell
23. 24-Doc Burke
24. 44-Marcus Hughes

Mini Late Models
1. 8-Joey Schoen
2. 22-Brad Emerson
3. 52-Cody Taylor
4. 68-Mitchell McNure
5. 28-Bryan Funk
6. 10-Preston Beckham
7. 00-Brian Brown
8. 83-Anthony Burrell
9. 421-David Cody
10. 97-Tyler Keel
11. 9B-Broughton Boatright
12. 92-Jason Daniels
13. 55-Madison Evans

Pure Stock
1. 8-Mickey Brock
2. N1-Kevin Nations
3. 64-T.J. Penfield
4. 1-Tyler Abernathy
5. P2-Grant Burton

1. 88-Joey Kelly
2. 00JR-North West
3. 22-Trent Blackwell
4. 88P-Preston Kelly
5. 14-Trey Chapman
6. 243-Seth Smith
7. A2-Carson Venable
8. 7325-Wayne Chapman
9. 13S-Tony Stevens
10. J14-Jayden Navarro
11. 16-Kenneth House
12. 66-Jaylan Standridge
13. 83-Peter Comeau
14. 48-Kayden Presnell-DNF
15. 8M-Mason Kinsey-DNF
16. R5-Landen Morgan-DNF
17. X-Josh Campbell-DNF
18. T21-Stacy Foster-DNF

Crown Vic
1. 00-Chris Meinders
2. 65-Jared Peebles
3. 11-Austin Waters
4. 66-Charlie Meinders
5. 27-Savannah Meinders
6. 747-Chris Hill-DNF
7. 23-Kendell Meinders-DNF

Terry Poore, seen here from an earlier victory, scored the Limited Late Model win in the Georgia State Championship race on Sunday at Lavonia Speedway. Photo:

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