Georgia Police and Fire Games: Forsyth County Sheriff's Office wins basketball event

By Caleb Hutchins I video by: Seth Chapman
Posted 10:30AM on Wednesday 22nd June 2022 ( 1 week ago )

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office won the three-on-three basketball tournament in the Georgia Police and Fire Games at Gainesville High School Tuesday.

It was one of two events held along with a 3-point contest that was won by Ezra Griffith of the Covington Fire Department with 16 points in the final round. Gabriella Johnson from the Hall County Sheriff's Office and Paige Kirby from the Dawson County Sheriff's Office also competed.

In the three-on-three tournament Forsyth deputies defeated the Georgia Tech Police Department in the semifinals before beating the Milledgeville Fire Department in the championship game.

The Georgia Tech Police Department was the defending champion of the event. Forsyth County Corporal Enrique Escolano said it was fun to win after losing in the semifinals in their last attempt.

"It felt good. We've got a couple of guys that, in their past, whether in high school or beyond that, have been fortunate enough to play basketball. It's something that we try to keep going around just to keep in shape, but this is our yearly event that we just love to get together for. We've had this team for a couple of years now," Escolano said.

Deputy Zach Knapp said it was fun to be around the different law enforcement agencies.

"It's always fun to see different counties and just the variety of fire and police and sheriff's offices just coming out and playing together. You know it's going to be a good battle because everybody's wanting to win," Knapp said. "We'll see about Columbus next year. It's quite a drive from Forsyth County, but we've got to go back and defend the title, I guess."

The Hall County Sheriff's Office also competed in the three-on-three tournament but were eliminated during the first day of the event.

Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Cpl. Enrique Escolano (white jersey) puts up a shot in the Georgia Police and Fire Games at Gainesville High School Tuesday

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