Herschel Walker rallies in Gainesville ahead of runoff election

By Christian Ashliman Anchor/Reporter
Posted 11:15AM on Friday 18th November 2022 ( 1 year ago )

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker stopped in Gainesville Thursday night with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and spoke with voters on key issues.

Crowds gathered in front of the Carroll Daniel Construction building and cheered as Republican candidate Herschel Walker delivered his speech in frigid temperatures. He touched on many of the major issues his platform aims to address if he is elected to the United States Senate. Walker is running against Democratic incumbent Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock in the December 6 runoff election. Sen. Lindsey Graham joined Walker, opening the event with an energetic address about the importance of this year’s runoff.

In the November 8 midterms, Walker obtained 48.5% of the vote, while Sen. Warnock pulled in 49.4%. Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver garnered 2.1% of the vote. As no candidate was able to pass the required 50% to win, the race moved to a runoff, reminiscent of the election in 2021.

Many local government officials were in attendance Thursday night, including District 28 representative Brent Cox, who affirmed the significance of the runoff.

“We'll just focus in on making sure we get all the support behind Herschel and making sure people come back out to vote,” Cox said. “This is a very important race for the state of Georgia to represent us up in Washington, D.C.”

When asked about the methods used to encourage voting in December, Cox indicated the Republican party is using mailers, phone calls and yard signs in order to spread election awareness. Additionally, he said speaking to voters and creating a theme that helps people understand there is still another election yet to be had is vital.

District 26 representative Lauren McDonald III was also at the rally and said the Republican leadership is more prepared to win this year than it was previously.

“We know their playbook, we just got to make our playbook better,” McDonald said. “And I think with a big win from Governor Brian Kemp, and then Burt Jones and others on the top of the ticket—now they can get out and work for Herschel.”

McDonald placed an emphasis on the runoff being up to citizens, as well as current elected officials, to spread the word and, “Get a good ground game going.”

The Republican Women of Hall County made a strong showing at the event as well, wearing red sweatshirts and toting Herschel Walker signs. Recording Secretary Maribeth Kennedy was excited to hear from Walker again, after having been to several events before.

“We're out here to support Herschel Walker this evening,” Kennedy said. “He is definitely going to be the best representation of Georgians in the Senate. And we need to take him over the finish line.”

Kennedy expressed frustration at the midterm election results in November but was hopeful for a high turnout in the runoff.

“Well, I'm very disappointed because the entire Republican ticket that I was supporting made it through quite easily,” Kennedy said. “So I'm scratching my head a little bit as to why Herschel didn't get the turnout that everybody else did.”

The Georiga senate runoff election will take place on December 6, with early voting starting on November 28.

Members of the Republican Women of Hall County gather during Thursday night's rally.
A crowd gathers to see Herschel Walker in Gainesville Thursday night.
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham addresses the crowd during Thursday night's rally.
Herschel Walker addresses the crowd during Thursday night's rally.
Herschel Walker signs autographs and takes pictures with Gainesville citizens after the rally Thursday night.

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