Life with Lauren: Humane Society's Adoption Angel Lock-In

By Lauren Hunter Multimedia Journalist
Posted 5:30PM on Thursday 30th September 2021 ( 3 weeks ago )

Usually to be locked up is not a good thing, but this morning AccessWDUN's Lauren Hunter was #LockedUpForGood as part of the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia's annual Adoption Angel Lock-In fundraiser.

The fundraiser asks for volunteers to sign up to be locked in a kennel with a rescue and raise money to meet their "bail". Money from the fundraiser goes toward care for the rescues.

Hunter spent the morning locked up in the puppy room, but also chatted with some fellow penmates and HSNEGA staff. To learn more about her adventure, click on the video above.

The Adoption Angel Lock-In fundraiser ends Saturday. A link to donate is here.

Lauren has since met her bail, or goal, of $250. However, you can still donate directly to her page by searching for her name under "Find a penmate" on the HSNEGA website.

Life with Lauren is a new series on AccessWDUN scheduled to run periodically. The author would like to thank the staff at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia for allowing her to participate.

AccessWDUN's Lauren Hunter was #LockedUpForGood this morning as a part of the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia's annual fundraiser. Her crime? Snuggling too many rescues.

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