Life with Lauren: Otter Splash! at North Georgia Wildlife Park offers an "otterly amazing" experience

By Lauren Hunter Multimedia Journalist
Posted 3:00PM on Thursday 23rd July 2020 ( 3 weeks ago )

At the North Georgia Wildlife Park in Cleveland, you can not only see a couple of Asian small-clawed otters, you can also swim with them!

That's exactly what AccessWDUN reporter Lauren Hunter did last week for a new feature titled Life with Lauren.

The hour-and-a half-long experience starts with an introduction to a couple of otters named Hannah and Rainbow, who introduce themselves by crawling right into your lap! Then the experience continues in a large pool where an otter named Noah will join for a couple of fun activities. In the meantime, a North Georgia Wildlife Park trainer is nearby to help with the otters and share a couple of little-known facts about the animals.

To get a closer look at the encounter, watch the video above. If you're interested in scheduling your own Otter Splash! trip, more information is on the North Georgia Wildlife Park website.

Life with Lauren is a new series on AccessWDUN scheduled to run periodically. The author would like to thank the staff at the North Georgia Wildlife Park for their cooperation and the invitation to join in on the experience.

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