FY 2021 begins Wednesday, Hall County adopts budget last week

By Alyson Shields Reporter
Posted 4:10PM on Monday 29th June 2020 ( 1 week ago )

The Hall County Board of Commissioners adopted a budget last week for the fiscal year that begins Wednesday.

"Even with projected revenue losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this balanced budget still supports the long-term goals of Hall County," Hall County Administrator Jock Connell said. "Our ability to continue providing effective and efficient services in the midst of this current health crisis is direct a reflection of conservative fiscal management by both staff and elected officials."

The total budget for all funds included in the county is $269.8 million. The budget can be viewed on the Hall County website.

The General Fund budget was adopted at $99.9 million and the General Fund millage rate was fully rolled back from 5.098 mills to 4.853 mills due to revaluation. 

The Fire Fund millage rate remains at 2.65 mills for unincorporated residents and 4.08 mills for incorporated residents. The Emergency Services millage rate was set at 0.571 mills, Development Services was set at 1.005 mills and Parks and Leisure was set at 0.364 mills; all of those rates remain the same as the 2019 rate.

Commissioners held a public hearing on June 11 for the fiscal year 2021 budget prior to its adoption on June 25.

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