Qualifying fees, dates set for Hall County elections

By Ken Stanford Contributing Editor
Posted 8:00PM on Sunday 2nd February 2020 ( 1 year ago )

Qualifying fees and dates have been set for the Hall County offices to be filled in this year's elections.

Qualifying for the May 19 General Election primaries will be held March 2-6.  

County commissioners recently approved qualifying fees for 13 local offices that will be on this year's ballot.  The following is a list of those offices, the incumbents, and the qualifying fees.  

*State Court Judge (B.E. Roberts, III, and John Breakfield)  $5,253.67

*Probate Judge (Patty Walters Laine) $2,533.76

*Chief Magistrate (Margaret Gregory) $2,533.76

*Clerk of Courts (Charles Baker) $2,533.76

*Sheriff (Gerald Couch) $2,597.17

*Tax Commissioner (Darla Eden) $2,533.76

*Coroner (Marion Merck) $395.52

*Surveyor (Chris Patton) $35.50

*County Commission Post 2 (Billy Powell) $162

*County Commission Post 4 (Jeff Stowe) $162

*County Commission Chairman (Richard Higgins)  $198

*County Board of Education Post 3 (Craig Herrington)  $193

*County Board of Education Post 4 (Nath Morris) $193

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