Small Business Spotlight: Mountain Fresh Creamery

Posted 5:11PM on Wednesday 25th September 2019 ( 8 months ago )

This month’s Small Business Spotlight took us to a local dairy farm and creamerry in Clermont in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. 

Scott and Jennifer Glover, the owners and operators of Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy Farm, opened their business in 2000, but Scott is actually a 4th generation dairy farmer having grown up around the cows and watching his grandfather work hard and get his hands dirty.

“When he was milking cows in the mid 70’s and I was just a littler feller, I spent a lot of time around the cows and at the dairy. I pretty well knew early on that was what I wanted to do,” Scott Glover said. 

Dairy farmers haven’t exactly gotten the best reputation with farm practice controversies such as malpractice and abuse, but the Glover farm is far from what has been depicted about modern-day dairy farms under mass production. Quite frankly, it can be said the Glover cows are living a life of cow-luxury.

“We want to keep them as comfortable as we can, because if they’re not comfortable and they’re not happy, they’re not going to produce. They certainly won’t produce a high-quality product,” Glover said.  

Glo-Crest cows are pampered with automatic fans that turn on when the temperature reaches a certain degree, they are fed the best feed on the market, supplied with water beds where their bodies never touch ground and remain in a clean, quality environment.

The Glover’s believe in their product, their practices and the importance of dairy in a diet. To help spread the word and try to educate the public on ethical and healthy dairy farming, the dairy farm and creamery are used as tour facilities to break down the process and benefits of dairy. 

“Our main goal was to focus more on educating the public and really what goes on on a working dairy. We want people to see every aspect of what we do, why we do it and why it’s important to us and what goes into making a high-quality product,” Glover said. 

During the tour, guests follow the entire process, from the milking of the cow to the bottling of the milk. As soon as the milk is taken from the cow it is delivered to the creamery and processed in a much different way than your average gallon of milk, possibly making it the freshest and most nutritious dairy product you can buy. 

“It’s a little bit different from conventional milk, we do a low temp pasteurization and we also do not homogenize our products,” Jennifer Glover said. 

The creamery’s milk is a creamline milk, meaning it is in its most natural form. The milk is not separated like the milk you will find at the grocery stores, so it collects a cream on the surface, which is why the products say “shake well” on every cap. 

“There’s a lot of health benefits associated with [creamline milk],” Jennifer Glover said. 

Mountain Fresh Creamery milk is more easily absorbed by the body and is not pumped with artificial vitamins and minerals, and because the milk is non-homogenized, most lactose intolerant people can consume their products without worry – that means people can indulge in their whole milk, low-fat milk or chocolate milk as much or as little as they would like. 

Milk is not the only product you’ll find inside the creamery, though. Mountain Fresh is recognized for their creamy, rich ice cream which comes in about 12 or 13 flavors at a time. The facility also produces butter, buttermilk and seasonal cream, Jennifer Glover said. 

Slightly considered a one-stop-shop, the creamery also houses products from other local farmers. Mountain Fresh keeps a stock of jams and jellies, honey, ground beef from the Glo-Crest Farm, local sausage, casseroles, cheese and farm fresh eggs to name a few. 

“We sell products from local farmers that kind of have the same practices, beliefs and values that we do,” Jennifer Glover said.  

Mountain Fresh Creamery products can be found at select retailers in the north Georgia region. Visit their website to search the nearest store but making the trip to Clermont won’t be a mistake. 

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