White County fines landowners for tree removal violating Mountain Protection Ordinance

By Dean Dyer, WRWH Radio
Posted 10:56AM on Monday 13th May 2019 ( 1 year ago )

CLEVELAND — Two White County property owners have been cited by the White County Board of Commissioners for violations of the Mountain Protection Ordinance.  

During a called meeting Thursday, commissioners approved a fine of $2,500 for Robert Sloane, owner of the property at 41 Nugget Drive, where he was accused of clear-cutting trees in violation of  Mountain Protection. 

Sloane also will have to pay $1,800, a share of the cost of an arborist the county hired to do an assessment of the damage, and Sloane must implement a reforestation plan on the property.  

The second property owner, Noel Clackum, owner of the property at 186 Cub Trail, is accused of having 25-30 trees cut on his property that is covered by the Mountain Protection Ordinance.  

Clackum was fined $ 1,000, along with $1,800 repayment for the arborist services, and he too must implement a reforestation plan.  

Commissioners instructed the staff to come up with a draft of an update to the Mountain Protection Ordinance that would specifically deal with fines or citations for the future.  

County Manager Mike Melton told commissioners staff already has been working with the Georgia Forestry Commission and the Cooperative Extension Service to develop some recommendations.

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