Annual FCA East-West Classic returns bigger than ever

By Jeff Hart Sports Reporter
Posted 8:16AM on Friday 14th December 2018 ( 1 year ago )

GAINESVILLE — The fact that you really do need a roster to know the players is exactly what still attracts Greater Hall FCA Director Clint Fair's interest to the annual FCA East-West Classic football game.

The 2018 version is now the sixth since Fair and the FCA organized the semi-all star event in 2013. This year's game will be played on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at Riverside Military Academy's Maginnis Field.

"With it being just seniors it makes for new players, new fans, new parents every year. To see the kids and their supporters get to have some fun and recognition they may not otherwise get is what is fun for me," Fair said. "I think it's still drawing a lot of interest. We're starting to see the older players who were in the first few Classic's come back. I think it is still a growing event."

Fair said the event continues to grow as the local FCA chapter takes on more responsibility. The first East-West Classic involved players from just 10 teams from Hall County and Banks County. The 2018 game will have players from 17 schools that now also encompass schools in White County and Jackson County, as well as Commerce and Jefferson city school systems.

"Our goal at the FCA is to be an influence in the community," Fair said. "We were asked a few years ago to bring in Jackson County and White County so that now gives kids from those areas a chance to take part. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and we can help give some players that don't usually get to a chance to shine in the spotlight."

What: The 2018 FCA East-West Classic

When: Saturday, December 15, 2018, at 12:30 p.m. 

Where: Maginnis Field at Riverside Military Academy

Tickets: $7 at the gate

The Teams: 

EAST SQUAD -- Flowery Branch, Johnson, East Hall, Cherokee Bluff, Banks County, Riverside Military Academy, Jefferson, East Jackson, Lakeview Academy 
WEST SQUAD -- West Hall, Chestatee, Gainesville, North Hall, Jackson County, Commerce, White County, Lanier Christian

Head Coaches: 
EAST SQUAD -- Coach Jason Roquemore, Johnson
WEST SQUAD -- Coach Shaun Conley, Chestatee 

The Players: 
-- 40 roster spots per squad: 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 8 OL, 7 DL, 5 LB, 7 DB, 1 K, 1 P 
-- 4 seniors will be selected from each school with the remaining spots to be filled by the best players available 
-- Team members selected by head coaches on October 30, 2018

FCA Team East
1 Jacob Bousquet P EJHS
2 Hayden Killgore K JeffHS
3 Cody Dodge DL BCHS
4 Campbell Melson LB LA
5 K.J. Millwood WR/DB LA
6 Erik Madera DB JHS
9 Carter Brandon DL JHS
10 Conner Boyd QB CBHS
12 Cambren Harrison RB EHHS
14 Issac Teasley QB RMA
15 Cole Potts WR/DB JeffHS
16 Justin Murphy WR CBHS
17 Zarian Brawner RB/DB FBHS
20 Jacob Lehotsky DB BCHS
21 Zac Corbin DB JeffHS
22 Stephen Aleandre DB RMA
23 Jordan Battles DB RMA
33 Terrance Walker RB BCHS
40 Khalid Duke LB RMA
42 Ethan Bruce LB JHS
43 Zeke Velasquez LB JHS
44 Wookdong Kim LB RMA
72 Platinum Thompson OL JHS
73 Matthew Porter OL FBHS
74 Ian Echols OL LA
76 Tucker Rothschild OL FBHS
77 J.T. Middleton OL JeffHS
78 Colin Hatcher OL EJHS
79 Carlos Zaragoza OL EHHS
80 Cody Lewallen WR BCHS
81 Teyvon Payton OL RMA
82 Kylan Curry WR EHHS

FCA Team West
1 Erin Sanchez K NHHS
2 Chad Pittman P JCCHS
3 Dajuan Wood DB CommHS
4 Demarquez Brown DB GHS
5 Jeremiah Prather DB WHHS
6 Rassie Littlejohn DB GHS
9 Hunter Rainey DL WHHS
10 David Seavey QB NHHS
12 Darren Simpson TE CommHS
14 Quentin Smith QB WHHS
15 Eli Vincent LB JCCHS
16 Caleb Mason DB CommHS
17 Rayshun Dorsey DE/LB JCCHS
21 Quintavious Hayes RB GHS
22 Tommy Wandrum DB LCA
23 Len Hilbert RB JCCHS
33 Jay Lepkoske RB WCHS
40 Tanner Lumpkin LB CommHS
42 Nate Vincent LB JCCHS
43 John Stoecker LB WHHS
44 Elijah Pierce LB JCCHS
72 Will Hammersen OL WCHS
73 Levi Pate OL CommHS
74 LT Pecht OL JCCHS
76 Jonathan Fountain OL JCCHS
77 Matt Sinclair OL WHHS
78 Justin Wade OL LCA
79 Kyle Barrett OL GHS
80 Isaac Carney WR NHHS
81 Eddie Venegas WR CHS
82 Alec Hughes TE LCA
83 Cody Versluis WR WCHS
85 Devon Williams WR WHHS

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