Officials: Urgent need for trained professionals in the energy sector in the next 10 years

Posted 7:00PM on Monday 15th October 2018 ( 2 years ago )

As about 7,000 line crews work to try and restore power to the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Michael, a member of the Georgia Public Service Commission encourages students at Lanier Tech to also choose a career in the energy sector.
District 3 Commissioner Chuck Eaton spoke to students on campus Monday to offer his encouragement to the students. 

Specifically speaking of the energy jobs in Georgia he said, "There's 400,000 people going to be retiring over the next ten years. Those job are going to need to be filled and they're great, high paying jobs. I can't think of much better to do than going to a college like  Lanier Tech and learn a valuable skill like that. There's job security with that."

He says the hurricane clean up provides a solid example of why students should consider a job in the electrical utility program at Lanier Tech. He explained, "We have a urgent need to get people in these skills and I'm very excited about what's going on at Lanier Tech."

Eaton says he's headed to south Georgia Tuesday to continue assisting in cleanup efforts.

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