Hall school board still on track to name deputy superintendent next month

By By Jerry Gunn
Posted 1:45PM on Thursday 30th December 2004 ( 17 years ago )
GAINESVILLE - Hall County School Superintendent Dr. Dennis Fordham says the School Board could possibly name a deputy in January to replace him when he retires next year.

The Board is considering eight applicants for a transition assistant who would work under Fordham during his last year.

"The decision could be to name a person to the post,the decision also could be to decide that they've not found a suitable person," Dr. Fordham said.

Fordham said the Board members could revise their plan and start looking for a new superintendent, but he thinks they will stick to their transition plan and choose a temporary deputy.

Board members met in executive session to review applicants Wednesday.


Fordham said the School Board is not supporting a specific proposal for education impact fees, feeling the State should revamp its tax structure.

Fordham said the Board would not oppose an education revenue generating impact fee as supported by the Gainesville School Board,but they want the state to restore the proper balance between state and local education funding.

That means updating outmoded methods of imposing sales and state income tax.

"Let's take the most informed,thoughtful look at and analysis of the tax structure in Georgia that we can."

Fordham added the task could fall to universities and analysts with tax expertise.


Dr. Fordham said he hopes the General Assembly will lift austerity education cuts next year.

If not, he hopes those cuts costing Hall County over five million dollars won't get any deeper.

Fordham said the School Board covered the lost state money with system operating reserve funds but those reserves are running out.

Fordham added the state's economy is improving and increased revenues should lead to more state education dollars.

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