Saturday July 4th, 2020 11:39PM
Finding the right tree isn't always easy
By now, you probably have gotten your Christmas tree. And by "gotten," I mean you've gone to one of the lots around town where they sell live Christmas trees. Or you’ve gone to a Christmas tree farm. Or just maybe you pulled the artificial tree out of the attic.
9:05AM ( 6 months ago )
Science has confirmed I'm happier with Milly
You all know that I’m a big lover of dogs. I had Glory, the black and white springer spaniel, for nearly 15 years, and now Milly, the liver and white springer spaniel, has been with me for almost six years.
8:51AM ( 7 months ago )
I don't celebrate 'Black Friday'
This is a big week for a lot of folks. Friday is “Black Friday,” allegedly the busiest shopping day of the year. I wouldn't know myself. I won’t be there.
9:33AM ( 7 months ago )
Let's be more like the Whos
I was looking back over some of my old columns last week to find a few to share with my journalism class, when I found one from almost exactly 10 years ago.
9:38AM ( 7 months ago )
Is there anything I can eat that won't kill me?
The latest news story about something that could kill me has led me to a decision. I'm no longer going to read news stories about things that could kill me.
9:32AM ( 7 months ago )
I should have been a failed football coach
I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm in the wrong profession.
10:17AM ( 7 months ago )
Fighting off the Georgia sports curse
I’m not a particularly superstitious person, but with all the talk this week about curses involving Georgia sports teams, maybe I should be.
9:45AM ( 8 months ago )
Celebrating the dictionary's new words
I like to learn new words. As someone who must come up with about 600 of them each Sunday morning, it helps to learn new words so that you good readers don't have to keep reading the same old ones every week.
9:46AM ( 9 months ago )