Monday January 18th, 2021 5:42PM
Zapping real-life problems
I firmly believe that one of the greatest technological advances of the 20th century was the invention of the television remote control.
8:00AM ( 10 months ago )
Finding a way to keep time
The other morning, I looked at my wrist to see what time it was because I thought I was running late. But my fitness device wasn’t there.
2:22PM ( 10 months ago )
It's all downhill from here
A friend asked me last week if I wanted to go with her and a few other of our friends on a skiing trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.
8:41AM ( 11 months ago )
The reality of an election season
We have the damnedest way of electing presidents in this country.
2:00PM ( 11 months ago )
When rodents predict the weather
Sunday was Groundhog Day. Or as I prefer to call it Let’s-Stop-Listening-to-the-Meteorologists-Who’ve-Spent-Years-Studying-Weather-and-Climate-For-24-Hours-So-We-Can-Let-A-Rodent-Predict-the-Weather Day.
9:00AM ( 11 months ago )
Barely making the dress code cut
Coming home for New Orleans earlier this month, we stopped at Waffle House for our traditional day-after-the-game breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns, scattered, smothered and covered.
8:52AM ( 11 months ago )
Celebrating my silly canine companion's big day
“So, Bald Guy who lives at my house, do you know what today is?”
8:54AM ( 1 year ago )
I don't need help in the men's room
Driving back from New Orleans last week, we stopped for gas at one of those big truck stops on the interstate. A “travel plaza” they call it these days.
8:54AM ( 1 year ago )