Monday January 18th, 2021 6:04PM
Being a food pioneer
I’ve always considered myself a food connoisseur. After all, I’ve been eating three meals a day for more than five decades, so I’ve had plenty of practice. As a result, there are only a few foods that I don’t like.
9:33AM ( 8 months ago )
Coronavirus has me missing sports, even NASCAR
I miss sports. Stupid coronavirus.
9:44AM ( 8 months ago )
Picking a TV character to lead us
With the coronavirus pandemic seemingly consuming every news cycle, it’s sometimes easy to forget we’re in the middle of a presidential race.
9:23AM ( 9 months ago )
The pros and (mostly) cons of sheltering in place
Diary of a man sheltering in place, Day 1:
9:46AM ( 9 months ago )
Dealing with information overload
I was a big fan of the comic strip “Shoe,” about a bunch of birds who worked at a newspaper. Naturally, a lot of the strips hit home for me, a guy who has spent close to 40 years working in one newsroom or another.
8:54AM ( 9 months ago )
On Census Day, we all count the same
I filled out my Census form over the weekend, and I’m not ashamed to admit I was excited about it. I like the Census. It’s fair. At least once every 10 years, everybody in America is equal. We all count the same. One.
8:00AM ( 9 months ago )
If coronavirus doesn't get you, the asteroid will
I know we’re all consumed with Coronavirus news right now, but I saw an article last week about an asteroid that is expected to pass near the Earth next month, and all I can think about are movies like “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon.”
11:03AM ( 10 months ago )
The concept of time
Twice a year – when we start daylight saving time and when we end it – we have a conversation in this country about leaving our clocks alone. This time of year, people like to complain about how losing an hour of sleep in the spring messes them up. In the fall, people complain about how dark it is so early at night.
9:00AM ( 10 months ago )