Sunday July 5th, 2020 9:30AM
What is a group of baboons?
I’m a sucker for trivia questions. My head is full of obscure and useless information, and my friends are always trying to test my knowledge of such.
9:48AM ( 3 weeks ago )
The elusive North Hall bear
I was very fortunate to grow up in a fairly rural area where I had the chance to see many different types of wildlife.
9:16AM ( 1 month ago )
Milly and the squirrel
Milly, the liver and white springer spaniel who lives at my house, like Glory before her, has waged an all-out war against squirrels. She hates them. And she is determined to make our house a squirrel-free zone.
9:14AM ( 1 month ago )
We need soap that smells like soap
One of the amazing revelations that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic for me is that fact that a stunning number of Americans weren't washing their hands before the virus hit.
10:11AM ( 1 month ago )
Don't talk to me about snakes
A friend posted a photo last week on Facebook. It was a picture of a small snake in the bushes right outside her front door.
9:55AM ( 1 month ago )
Being a food pioneer
I’ve always considered myself a food connoisseur. After all, I’ve been eating three meals a day for more than five decades, so I’ve had plenty of practice. As a result, there are only a few foods that I don’t like.
9:33AM ( 2 months ago )
Coronavirus has me missing sports, even NASCAR
I miss sports. Stupid coronavirus.
9:44AM ( 2 months ago )
Picking a TV character to lead us
With the coronavirus pandemic seemingly consuming every news cycle, it’s sometimes easy to forget we’re in the middle of a presidential race.
9:23AM ( 2 months ago )