Friday September 24th, 2021 7:59PM
The taxman cometh, hold on to your wallets
The government has been getting its grubby little paws into your paycheck every two weeks for the last year, and now it’s ready for you to give more.
9:15AM ( 4 months ago )
No surprise, Southern accent is the best
I’m a proud Southerner. Y’all know that. I’m proud to have grown up in rural southwest Georgia, proud to have grown up around peanut fields and cow pastures rather than skyscrapers and traffic.
9:14AM ( 4 months ago )
A dream day at the Derby
I came here over the weekend for a little horse race they hold every year. It was a bucket list trip that I've been hoping to take for more than 40 years.
9:11AM ( 4 months ago )
Addition versus subtraction, along with compromise
For centuries it was a sacred Indian burial ground. Later the site of one of the most commercially viable granite quarries in the nation, with its granite now forming the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, one side of the U.S. Capitol building, and the walls of Fort Knox. And since 1958, the world's largest granite out-cropping has been a Georgia State Park and Confederate Memorial.
9:27AM ( 4 months ago )
Remembering an old friend
My childhood friend Andy died last week. We hadn't seen each other much since we came adults, but as kids, growing up in a small, Southwest Georgia neighborhood, we were inseparable.
9:10AM ( 4 months ago )
So you have a case of vaccine hesitancy?
If you are among those who have already received your first COVID19 vaccine, the J&J one-shot, or awaiting only your second vaccine dose, then thank you for doing your part.
9:31AM ( 5 months ago )
The disaster that was New Coke
Thirty-six years ago this week, a group of businesspeople sat in the executive offices of a skyscraper in downtown Atlanta for a brainstorming session.
9:08AM ( 5 months ago )
Why did we want to grow up?
I saw a meme on Facebook last week that made me laugh. It said, "We were wrong as kids. We should never have wished to grow up."
9:07AM ( 5 months ago )