Thursday October 22nd, 2020 4:32AM

Mitch Clarke

Director of News and Content
Mitch Clarke is director of news and content for Jacobs Media. He is a reformed print journalist, having spent nearly three decades covering local, state and national politics. Email: Twitter: @MitchAClarke
Mitch Clarke
A look at Civil War innovation
An animated video explainer that takes a look at certain Civil War facts such as the introduction of Federal Government permitted paper currency, the first combat submarine to sink a ship, and soldier pastimes.
2:49PM ( 5 years ago )
A look at wait times at the Veterans Affairs clinics
AP investigation reveals that even with billions invested by Congress, wait times at Veteran Affairs clinics exceeded the goal of 30 days or less. Interactive takes an in-depth look at these delays.
8:49AM ( 5 years ago )
Understanding how droughts can form
A video explainer shows how droughts can form and the impacts they have on crops and the environment.
4:02PM ( 5 years ago )
An interactive look at the Boston bombing trial
A look at the defendant and the charges against him, the legal parties and jury. Includes a graphic breakdown of how federal death penalty charges have been resolved since 1988. UPDATED to include summaries of prosecution and defense cases for the guilt phase of the trial.
11:48AM ( 5 years ago )
VIDEO: Celebrity Server Night raises $12,000 for Edmonson-Telford Center
The results are in: This year's Celebrity Server Night raised more than $12,000 to help fight child abuse and neglect in Hall and Dawson counties.
9:15AM ( 5 years ago )
Tracking the possible 2016 presidential candidates
An AP Interactive that tracks Republicans and Democrats who might run for president in 2016.
8:36AM ( 5 years ago )
Interview with AP basketball writer Jim O'Connell
A video interview in chapters of longtime AP national basketball writer Jim O'Connell on the evolution of college hoops since his first Final Four in 1979, with photos and themes including the pre-NBA Michael Jordan, big-time coaches and the impact of television, social media and "bracketology."
2:43PM ( 5 years ago )
Steve Sweat retiring as coach at Dawson County
Dawson County girls basketball coach Steve Sweat joined the April 1, 2015 edition of Game On with Katie B. Davis to elaborate on his decision to retire from coaching and teaching.
10:03PM ( 5 years ago )
Interview with Lucas Boyce
Lucas Boyce, vice president of the Orlando Magic, was a guest of the March 20, 2015 edition of Morning Talk.
4:41PM ( 5 years ago )
Interview with Heritage Foundation's Steve Moore
Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation joined "Morning Talk" on March 31, 2015
4:37PM ( 5 years ago )