Saturday April 10th, 2021 3:51PM

Alyson Shields

Alyson Shields
Minn. House approves gay marriage; would be 12th
A historic vote Thursday in the Minnesota House positioned that state to become the 12th in the country to allow gay marriages and the first in the Midwest to pass such a law out of its Legislature.
6:42PM ( 7 years ago )
Boston chief: Wasn't told FBI got Tsarnaev warning
The FBI did not initially share with Boston police the warnings it had received from Russia about one suspect in last month's marathon bombings, despite the work of four city police representatives on a federal terrorism task force, Boston's police commissioner told Congress on Thursday.
6:36PM ( 7 years ago )
Report: Ohio captive beaten until she miscarried
Prosecutors said Thursday they may seek the death penalty against Ariel Castro, the man accused of imprisoning three women at his home for a decade, as police charged that he impregnated one of his captives at least five times and then starved her and punched her in the belly until she miscarried.
6:25PM ( 7 years ago )
Arias sentencing postponed until next week
The next phase of the Jodi Arias murder trial was postponed Thursday and will continue next week.
6:22PM ( 7 years ago )
Stolen trailer returned to Barrow county church
The Story Church was reunited with it's trailer Thursday morning after it was stolen from a self-storage facility over the weekend.
5:19PM ( 7 years ago )
City of Gainesville holds first public transportation meeting.
The city of Gainesville, partnered with Gainesville Hall MPO and local development business Pond and Company, had the first of several meetings to address transportation issues in Gainesville.
8:15PM ( 7 years ago )
New stock market milestone: Dow 15,000
Just two months after recovering the last of its losses from the financial crisis, the Dow Jones industrial average punched through another milestone Tuesday, closing above 15,000 for the first time.
7:09PM ( 7 years ago )
Analysis: Syria has limited response options
The Syrian regime on Tuesday dispatched an obscure proxy, a Damascus-based Palestinian militant group, to threaten retaliation for two Israeli airstrikes over the weekend.
7:00PM ( 7 years ago )
Police facing questions in Ohio rescue
One neighbor says a naked woman was seen crawling on her hands and knees in the backyard of the house a few years ago. Another heard pounding on the home's doors and noticed plastic bags over the windows.
6:54PM ( 7 years ago )
Brenau celebrates softball graduates with special commencement
Brenau University held a special graduation today for six softball players who missed the official ceremony on May 3.
6:19PM ( 7 years ago )