Thursday March 4th, 2021 7:49PM

Marc Eggers

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Marc Eggers
State Senate approves $17.8 billion budget
The Georgia Senate has approved a $17.8 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
3:46PM ( 10 years ago )
State leaders may have failed to follow law
Georgia's top attorney says that Republicans in the House and Senate may have failed to follow state law when they approved a $387 million tax break.
3:07PM ( 10 years ago )
Ga. House okays bill to overhaul property taxes
The House has approved a wide-ranging overhaul of property taxes in Georgia.
2:54PM ( 10 years ago )
Chicken eating is serious business in Gainesville
“Around these parts, a body needs to know right from wrong when it comes to eatin’ chicken.” Those were words spoken with great solemnity by a witness Wednesday afternoon at Wild Wing Café as police handcuffed an overt chicken etiquette scofflaw.
1:55PM ( 10 years ago )
Ga. College arrests man who led to hall lockdown
Officials at Georgia College and State University have arrested a knife-wielding man who led to a residence hall lockdown this afternoon.
7:18PM ( 10 years ago )
GI court-martial trial delayed
A military judge has delayed until next year the court-martial of a Fort Stewart soldier charged with the 2008 slayings of a superior and a fellow U.S. soldier in Iraq.
5:52PM ( 10 years ago )
Senate OK's tax overhaul bill
ATLANTA (AP) The state Senate adopted a bill aimed at giving Georgia's tax code a facelift.
The bill cleared the state Senate on Tuesday.
It would create two panels that would offer suggestions for revamping Georgia's tax laws, which GOP leaders say are outdated.
The bill would establish the 11-member 2010 Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians and the 12-member Special Joi
4:32PM ( 10 years ago )
Swine flu and pregnancy
The most complete analysis of swine flu deaths among pregnant women last year indicates that quick treatment with Tamiflu or a similar medicine saved the lives of many.
4:10PM ( 10 years ago )
Proposed mass transit cutbacks trigger response
Transit workers put giant red X's on Atlanta-area buses and trains and a few hundred riders and workers rallied at a downtown transit station Tuesday as part of a multi-city protest against funding cuts to mass transportation.
3:55PM ( 10 years ago )
Roofers face charges
Two men are facing charges after authorities say they took money to repair a roof but instead, climbed atop a Canton woman's home and sat there.
3:17PM ( 10 years ago )