GDOT: Road clearing underway, but will take a little time

By Scott Kimbler Reporter
Posted 11:28PM on Tuesday 12th September 2017 ( 8 months ago )
GAINESVILLE - The Georgia Department of Transportation is working around the clock, but said they will be busy clearing road debris for some time.
GDOT's Katie Strickland said crews hopped on roads right away and many state roads are passable, however the job is not nearly done.
"We went in, cut the trees and move them about eight feet off the road to make the roads passable, so you are still going see some of  those freshly cut trees on the shoulder of the road when you are driving on our state routes," Strickland said. "But we are going to go back and clear those trees to make roads even safer for our drivers.
She said the clean up is really a team effort.
"The power companies come in and do their job, then we come in with our chainsaws and other equipment to move the trees from the roadway," Strickland said.
Strickland says more than 250 GDOT personel along with aditional contractors are working around the clock in the aftermath of Irma. She asks that you be careful as you drive.
"We still have tons of people out there working right now," said Strickland. "So please watch for our workers. If you see the yellow vests and you see the cones and we are restricting traffic, please slow down. We'll watch out for you if you watch out for us."

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