Groups ready to remove abandoned houseboat from Lanier

Posted 1:05PM on Thursday 14th July 2016 ( 2 years ago )
After several months of coordinating and talking, a Lake Lanier Association official Thursday said a sunken houseboat in the lake is on the calendar for removal next week.
Joanna Cloud, Executive Director of the Lake Lanier Association, announced Thursday that her group, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Hall County will work to remove the boat near Sunrise Cove Marina next Thursday.
"This vessel was left abandoned last year after the vessel owner was found deceased in the immediate area," Cloud wrote in a news release.  "The vessel has since become completely submerged and now, with the lake a few feet below full pool, only the top portion is visible above water."
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has classified the boat as debris.
The boat will be the first vessel to be removed from the Lanier with money allocated by the state for that purpose for fiscal year 2017, according to Cloud.  Hall County is matching part of that money.
"Special recognition on this effort goes to State House Representative Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville, and Hall County Commissioner Billy Powell for their leadership in getting funding secured for this project," Cloud added.
Hall County commissioners signed on last month to support the association in efforts it undertakes to remove abandoned boats and docks from the lake.

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