Tuesday December 18th, 2018 6:05AM

Food Inspections


Inspected by: Evan Biles
Inspection Date: 10/30/2017
Inpection Notes

Violation of Code: [511-6-1.05(6)(l)] Maximum temperature recorded in hot water sanitizing dish machine using irreversible thermometer was 145.6F. Water temperatures must be maintained at least 160F in order to sanitize food contact surfaces. COS: CFSM set up 3 compartment sink for usage in the meantime while maintenance was contacted and made aware of need to fix the booster heater. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. 6-1D Violation of Code: [511-6-1.04(6)(i)] Eggs on shelf above grill using TPHC policy, marked with a disposition time of 1 PM (inspection began at 3:05 PM). Products using TPHC must be properly marked with the time they were removed from temperature holding and then discarded after the 4 (or 6) hour disposition time had passed. COS: Employee stated that he had just removed eggs from cooler before inspection began, however the eggs were recorded at temperatures of 68 F. The eggs were then voluntarily discarded. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. 12C Violation of Code: [511-6-1.04(4)(m)] Numerous wiping cloths left unattended. When not in use wiping cloths must be stored submerged in chemical sanitizing solution. COS: Cloths moved to bucket. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. 17C Violation of Code: [511-6-1.07(5)(a),(b)] Flooring behind front counter in establishment had many crumbs, napkins, trash, and other debris in grout between tiles. Physical facilities must be maintained frequently enough to ensure that they are clean. Recommend a deep scrub of all floor space behind counter at least once every two days to keep facilities more cleanly. New Violation. Remarks Work order placed for dumpster in which both lids were caving into interior.

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