Tuesday March 28th, 2017 7:31PM
Celebrating everything about the peanut
BLAKELY – When I was in high school, The Atlanta Constitution ran a series of stories about the disparity in education across the state of Georgia. The series included stories about schools in affluent counties, inner-city schools, schools in smaller cities and schools in rural areas. For the stories on rural schools, a reporter and photographer visited Early County High School.
9:46AM ( 1 day ago )
Can I have spring back now?
Over the years, I’m made no secret about the fact that I hate winter, but that’s not completely accurate. I only hate the cold temperatures, the bone-chilling wind, the snow and the ice. Other than that, winter is just awesome.
4:52PM ( 1 week ago )
Eating healty is easy; it's the workouts that are hard work
When I first started my new nutrition and exercise routine, I thought changing my diet was going to be the hardest part. Chelsea the trainer had told me 90 percent of what I wanted to accomplish would come through healthy eating.
4:25PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Phone books becoming a relic of the past
Someone left a new telephone book on my front porch this week, and I was surprised for a couple of reasons.
2:25PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Water, water everywhere -- for $2 a bottle
Even though I do it from time to time, I still have a problem paying for bottled water.
3:20PM ( 1 month ago )
'Eat less, exercise more' really does work
Last week was a big week for me. I got on the scales for the first time since I started my new nutrition and exercise regimen and I went to the doctor for my annual physical.
9:06AM ( 1 month ago )
At long last, Falcons fans have something to cheer
It hasn’t always been easy being an Atlanta Falcons fan. This hasn’t exactly been the Rolls Royce of NFL franchises. More like the Ford Pinto.
9:09AM ( 2 months ago )
A Founding Father speaks out on today's politics
Benjamin Franklin stopped by my office the other day to talk about this week’s presidential inauguration. Don’t scoff. People claim to see UFOs all the time. Other people hold séances to talk to the spirit of their great Aunt Hildegarde. I talk to the Founding Fathers. Play along, OK?
9:38AM ( 2 months ago )