Tuesday August 14th, 2018 7:47PM
Tomato sandwich is worth busting the diet for a day
There are few foods in the world as delicious as a fresh, homegrown tomato. And when sliced thin and placed between two pieces of white bread, it creates a delight unrivaled in the culinary world.
10:46AM ( 1 day ago )
Math just doesn't add up for me
In a couple of weeks, I head back for my fourth year as a part-time journalism instructor at the University of North Georgia, so a story I read on the AP wire recently caught my attention.
10:44AM ( 1 week ago )
Don't squeeze the Charmin, but replace it when it's gone
I’m going to talk about a personal subject, something we don’t always talk about right out in the open. I’m going to talk about toilet paper.
10:38AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Has anyone seen my coffee cup?
One of my elementary school teachers used to wear her glasses on a chain around her neck. When she needed to read something to us, she put her glasses on. When she stood in front of the class, she took them off and let them hang there.
9:32AM ( 3 weeks ago )
That free food at the office is making us fat
One of the best parts of working in an office is the free food that mysteriously appears on a regular and ongoing basis in the break room.
10:11AM ( 4 weeks ago )
A column for folks who don't know diddly about geography
Every week, I get together with my brother and some friends to play trivia. We’re pretty good, if I do say so myself, because each member has an area of expertise.
10:09AM ( 1 month ago )
A failed attempt to escape the heat
A few years ago, while I was standing in ankle-deep snow trying to clean off my car so I could drive it up an ice-covered Thompson Bridge Road to get to work, I made a vow.
10:12AM ( 1 month ago )
Jefferson reminds us that compromise isn't a sin
Thomas Jefferson stopped by the office the other day for a chat on his way to spend a week at the beach.
10:20AM ( 2 months ago )