Saturday September 22nd, 2018 5:47AM
The evolution of my summer
Today is officially the first day of autumn and I expect summer to be “packed-up and moved-out”.
8:55AM ( 11 months ago )
Working on that perfect tan is part of the pattern
The sun was having its effect; the tops of my feet were beginning to turn pink. Flip-flops are a poor choice in UV protection.
8:48AM ( 1 year ago )
Summer: when the living is easy and so is the fishing
Boy, do I have a new appreciation for oxygen. Yes, “O2”; that invisible stuff that keeps us alive.
7:24AM ( 1 year ago )
The great humbling machine
An acquaintance of mine grew up in northwestern Forsyth County back in the 1950s. He knows I love fishing; he also knows I love Lake Lanier and pride myself on possessing a wealth of Lake Lanier “trivia” knowledge.
9:50AM ( 1 year ago )
Finding out for yourself
“Urban myth” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: a story or statement that is not true but is often repeated and believed by many to be true.
12:03AM ( 1 year ago )
Making the adjustment, the hard way
I left the influences of the Midwest in 1974 and headed south, never to return.
11:00AM ( 1 year ago )
Found them...I think
It has been tougher, much tougher, than I would have imagined
12:34PM ( 1 year ago )
"It's mine...mine...mine!"
Why is learning to share such a problem? Did I not learn that sharing is a good thing way back in the days of the Mickey Mouse Club and Romper Room?
8:46AM ( 1 year ago )