Tuesday June 19th, 2018 1:41PM
FROM DOWNTOWN: Goodbye to Big Red's "beautiful" greeter
One of the first messages I received after Walt Snelling passed away Wednesday was from my middle sister Kristi, “I believe Gainesville may close down for a day,” she wrote. A notorious provider of tongue-in-cheek material, this particular message from my sister was void of that sentiment. There was no sarcasm in her words, why? Because if a city were to mourn in the aforementioned collective fashion, who better to make it happen than a man who represented it so well for so long?
9:03AM ( 2 months ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: A Bulldog - and SEC title - a long time in the making
I was a Georgia Bulldog long before I existed. Before you stop reading thinking I’ve gone ’round the existential bend, hear me out. I’m back at work today fresh off a four-day excursion to New Orleans. (Fresh may be stretching it a bit, but for the sake of the bosses out there reading this, I’m Outkast-style fresh and clean.)
2:26PM ( 6 months ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: What's old is new again
7:07AM ( 10 months ago )
SEC Media Days Day 2: Chasing down the bedazzled championship belt and other musings
The guy sporting the bedazzled Alabama championship belt continues to elude my grasp.
4:18PM ( 1 year ago )
SEC Media Days Day 1: No PR problem here, and other musings
SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey was asked on Monday if the SEC has a PR problem.
3:40PM ( 1 year ago )