Wednesday August 15th, 2018 11:10PM
20 random college football trivia bits, just for you
Hello. It's the off-season here at Glory Glory, and that means the pickins is slim for content to put forth into the world. Try as I might, I couldn't glean any crazy insight from G-Day, save only for the fact that Justin Fields looks like he has a bright future in front of him.
1:00PM ( 2 months ago )
An idea to make the G-Day game 10,000% more interesting
If you haven't gathered from the headline on this blog, we are about to enter the world of the hypothetical and hyperbolic.
12:10PM ( 5 months ago )
3 under-the-radar battles to watch this spring
First off, let me open this column with an apology.
11:06AM ( 5 months ago )
The Last Time: National Championship
I admit that, before the season, I would never have bet we would be here talking about stats and history this late into January.
12:00PM ( 7 months ago )
Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Rose Bowl
It's not the morning, I know, but I rode the sweet high of victory until 1 a.m. and that means this blog came out a bit late.
1:04PM ( 7 months ago )
The Last Time: Rose Bowl
Ah, it's been quite the break since we discussed that feels-like-yesterday win over Auburn in the SEC Championship.
12:00PM ( 7 months ago )
Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Auburn, Part II
Three days later, and I still get a little giddy saying the 2017 Georgia Bulldogs are SEC Champions.
10:00AM ( 8 months ago )
The Last Time: SEC Championship
Welcome to SEC Championship week, or as the Georgia faithful are calling it "Auburn Mulligan Week."
12:00PM ( 8 months ago )