Tuesday March 28th, 2017 7:26PM

Russell Brown

Russell Brown
LISTEN: Gateway Domestic Violence Center to move to new facility
The Gateway Domestic Violence Center announced their plans to relocate to a new state-of-the-art facility.
8:20PM ( 23 hours ago )
LISTEN: "Hope" for Hall county teen to undergo major transplant surgery
Hope Kienle, a Hall county teenager, lives with Biliary Atresia and Portal Hypertension, requiring a multivisceral transplant of five different organs.
6:10PM ( 1 day ago )
Hall County Solicitor's Office and District Attorney's Office to host Victims' Rights Week kick-off event
To honor the first week of April, recognized as National Crime Victims' Rights Week, the two offices will host an event to raise awareness about crime victims' issues as well as to spotlight services available to victims.
3:00PM ( 2 days ago )
LISTEN: Hall county students win state HOSA competiton, pursuing medical careers
Students interested in health-care and medical careers often join HOSA to learn more about specialized jobs in the medical industry. Three Hall county students, Amber Strickland (Chestatee), Melanie Valencia (Flowery Branch), and Emma Miller (West Hall), were recognized at the 2017 HOSA competition in Atlanta, in the clinical nursing, patho-physiology, and medical reading subjects, respectively.
6:43PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: This week's Local Business Spotlight features Select Pest Control
The exterminators at Select Pest Control provide hands-on, exterminating services. What sets them apart is that their exterminating methods are available to anyone at their Gainesville store.
6:02PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Hall County mother discusses challenges of being a single parent
Liz Santa Cruz, a Flowery Branch single mother that works three jobs to provide for her daughter, joined the Afternoon News Wrap to discuss the daily struggles and joys of being a single parent
6:40PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Pollen season pro-tips from the Allergy & Asthma Clinic with Dr. Yarbrough
Spring is officially here, which means it is also pollen season. Dr. Yarbrough of the Northeast Georgia Allergy & Asthma Clinic tells what we need to know about dealing with spring pollen, as well as debunking some common pollen misconceptions.
5:48PM ( 1 week ago )
Gwinnett County partners with Google to provide digital commute planning tool
Commuters in, and those driving through, Gwinnett County now have access to county transit schedules and ETA's through their smartphones.
1:03PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: And the Official Pie of Gainesville is...
It is March 14th, also known as Pi day, because the date, 3/14, is the mathematical number for Pi. Gainesville history was made this Pi day, as the official pie of the city of Gainesville was chosen by a taste test panel of "pie experts."
5:40PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Smokehouse BBQ updates to a new building, but maintains their tasty traditions
Smokehouse BBQ has been around for almost 40 years, and not much has changed, except the full renovations of their new building this year. Owner, Rae Rogers, tells us about the new building, what its like to own a BBQ restaurant as a woman, and the plans they have for the future, in this week's "Local Business Spotlight," presented by Roberts Plumbing.
5:01PM ( 2 weeks ago )