Sunday August 20th, 2017 3:44AM

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart
Kids' DUI deaths: their drivers pose biggest risk
The number of children killed by drunken motorists has declined substantially in recent years but the biggest threat remains their own drivers, not strangers in other vehicles, a study found.
10:56AM ( 3 years ago )
High court ruling favors prayer at council meeting
The Supreme Court said Monday that prayers that open town council meetings do not violate the Constitution even if they routinely stress Christianity.
10:41AM ( 3 years ago )
Crews rescue father, 2 kids in SC national park
Search crews have found a father and his two children who had been missing for more than two days in the vast woods and swamps of the Congaree National Park in South Carolina, officials said Tuesday.
9:14AM ( 3 years ago )
Target names new chief information officer
Target says it has hired a new chief information officer to help overhaul its data security systems in the wake of a massive pre-Christmas data breach.
9:11AM ( 3 years ago )
BMW recalls 156,000 cars and SUVs
BMW is recalling more than 156,000 cars and SUVs in the U.S. because the engines can lose power or stall.
9:05AM ( 3 years ago )
Mercedes recalls over 284,000 cars to fix lights
Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 284,000 C-Class cars in the U.S. and Canada because the rear lights can fail.
9:01AM ( 3 years ago )
Microsoft warns of Internet Explorer security gap
Microsoft says a security gap in Internet Explorer could allow an attacker to take complete control of a computer if the user clicks on a link to a malicious website.
1:54PM ( 3 years ago )
Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets
Google says that cars it has programmed to drive themselves have started to master the navigation of city streets and the challenges they bring, from jaywalkers to weaving bicyclists
1:51PM ( 3 years ago )
Cloning approach makes diabetes stem cell advance
In a potential step toward new diabetes treatments, scientists used a cloning technique to make insulin-producing cells with the DNA of a diabetic woman.
1:48PM ( 3 years ago )
Frontier Airlines now charging for carry-on bags
Passengers beware: More airline fees are on their way.
1:44PM ( 3 years ago )