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Chas Ledford takes Super Pro victory at Atlanta Dragway

By Jerry Towns
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Hometown hero Chas Ledford drove to his second Super Pro victory of the season in Saturday’s Summit ET event at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia.

Ledford, who hails from Commerce, took his ’01 Outlaw Dragster to the win, beating out Travis Bryant in his ’08 Mullis Dragster in an all Dragster final. Ledford ran a 5.002 on his 4.98 dial in at 134.2 mph with a 0.012 reaction. Bryant ran a 5.005 ET off his dial in of 4.98 at 137.22 mph and a reaction of 0.019.

In other action, Rickey Morris came out of a 10 year retirement to score the Pro victory. , retired from racing over 10 years, showed up with no rust. Morris defeated Greg Allen with a 6.463 ET on his 6.37 dial in at 105.29 mph and a reaction time of 0.056. Allen ran a 6.813 on his dial in of 6.82 (break out run) at 98.87 mph and a 0.016 reaction time.

In the Sportsman final, Dickey Forrester defeated Scott Reynolds for the win. Forrester ran a 13.387 on is 13.34 dial in at 103.91 mph and a 0.043 reaction. Reynolds ran a 13.387 on a dial in of 13.34 at 103.91 mph and a reaction of 0.043.

In the Jr. Street finals, 15-year-old Claude Thomason defeated 15-year-old Jackson Earwood to take the victory. Thomason ran an 11.606 ET on his 11.62 dial in (break out) at 59.09 mph and a 0.158 reaction time. Earwood ran an 11.710 ET off his dial in of 11.74 (break out) at 57.07 mph and a 0.074 reaction.

Randy Barnett from Colbert, GA won both Motorcycle classes on the day.

In the Super Pro Bike final, Barnett defeated Tim Sutton with a 9.019 ET on a 9.00 dial in at 147.42 mph and a 0.042 reaction time. Sutton ran an 8.888 (dead on) ET on his 8.88 dial in at 142.63 mph and a 0.053 reaction.

In the Street ET Bike final, Barnett won got the better of Jimmy Heisler with a run at 9.00 ran a 9.065 ET at 144.32 mph and a 0.017 reaction time. Heisler dialed in a 10.73 and ran a 10.772 at 122.14 mph with a reaction time of 0.055.

Seven year old James Carroll defeated Aaron Kennedy to score his first win in the 5-9 Jr. Dragster final. The final was a double break out with Carroll running 14.189 off his dial in of 14.25 at 44.78 mph and a 0.285 reaction time. Kennedy dial in at 14.15 and ran a 13.973 at 41.21 mph and a 0.502 reaction.

In the 10-12 Jr. Dragster final, 11-year-old Shannon Blanton won her second race in three finals this year, defeating 12-year-old Kimberly Vancica for the victory. Shannon had a reaction time of 0.004 and ran a 9.210 ET (break out) on her 9.25 dial in at 70.47 mph. Vancica left the red light shining with a -0.033 reaction time and ran a 9.005 ET off her 8.96 dial in at 70.24 mph.

Seventeen year old Maddie Kate Halsey scored her first 13-17 Jr. Dragster victory of the season by defeating Adam Brown. Halsey won on a hole shot, she ran a 7.96 ET on her dial in of 7.94 at 81.81 mph and a 0.068 reaction. Brown ran a 7.980 ET on his 7.97 dial in at 80.44 mph and a 0.138 reaction.

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Atlanta Dragway – Commerce, GA
Summit ET Series – June 9, 2018

SUPER PRO                     CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH   DIAL-IN

Win:  Chas Ledford                 01 Outlaw Dragster     Commerce, GA                 5.002            134.62 4.98

R/U:  Travis Bryant                  08 Mullis Dragster       Bowman, GA                     5.005            137.72 4.98

Semi:  Mickey Morris               27 Roadster                Ellenwood, GA



PRO                                 CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Rickey Morris                 74 Vega                       Ellenwood, GA                  6.463            105.29   6.37

R/U:  Greg Allen                      80 Camaro                  Greenwood, SC                6.813            98.87     6.82

Semi:  Matt Ward                    69 Camaro                  Anderson, SC

Semi:  Tim Polnaszek             84 Mustang                 Nicholson, GA


SPORTSMAN                   CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Dickey Forrester 68 Camaro                  Hickory Flat, GA                      11.765 106.96   11.70

R/U:  Scott Reynolds               02 Camaro                  Cartersville, GA                 13.387            103.91   13.31

Semi:  Ed Nalley                     83 Silverado                Carnesville, GA                 13.322            76.65     11.70


JR. STREET CAR HOMETOWN                    ET             MPH       DIAL-IN

Win: Claude Thomason           85 Pontiac                   Lilburn, GA                        11.606            59.09     11.62

R/U:  Jackson Earwood          06 Ford                        Cleveland, GA                   11.710            57.07     11.74

Semi:  Jacob Wilson               13 Chevy                     Tallapoosa, GA



SUPER PRO BIKE            BIKE                      HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win: Randy Barnett                 08 Suzuki                    Colbert, GA                       9.019            147.42   9.00

R/U:  Tim Sutton                     83 Suzuki                    Clermont, GA                    8.888            142.63   8.88

Semi: Jimmy Heisler               00 Kawasaki                Woodstock, GA

Semi:  Drew Queen                 93 Suzuki                    Monroe, GA


STREET ET BIKE             BIKE                      HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win: Randy Barnett                 08 Suzuki                    Colbert, GA                       9.065            144.32   9.00

R/U:  Jimmy Heisler                00 Kawasaki                Woodstock, GA                 10.73            122.14   10.77

Semi:  Eric Browning                                                  Maysville, GA

Semi:  Eeman Heisler             00 Kawasaki                Woodstock, GA


5-9 JR DRAGSTER           AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  James Carroll                 7                                  Carnesville, GA                 14.189            44.78     14.25

R/U:  Arron Kennedy               6                                  Winder, GA                       13.973            41.21     14.15

Semi:  Ava Ward                     8                                  Anderson, SC

Semi:  Cooper Hancock          8                                  Commerce, GA


10-12 JR DRAGSTER       AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Shannon Blanton           11                                Jefferson, GA                    9.21            70.47     9.25

R/U:  Kimberly Vancica           12                                Lawrenceville, GA             9.005            70.24     8.96

Semi:  Hayden Wilson 13                                Tallapoosa, GA



13-17 JR DRAGSTER       AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win: Maddie Kate Halsey        17                                Clermont, GA                    7.965            81.81     7.94

R/U:  Adam Brown                                                      Covington, GA                   7.980            8.44       7.97

Semi:  Isaac McDaniel            17                                Piedmont, SC


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