Monday January 21st, 2019 11:35PM

Area EMC's prepare for possible freezing rain

By Scott Kimbler Reporter
With the region bracing for the potential of freezing rain Sunday night into Monday morning, EMCs in north Georgia are getting ready. 
Jackson EMC spokeswoman April Sorrow said all of the corporation's lineman and 190 contract workers are on call in case conditions deteriorate enough to cause outages. That plan will go into the new week as well. 
"The workers will be coming in earlier on Monday morning, than they were planning." Sorrow said. 
She said the biggest danger from the EMC perspective with freezing rain is downed power lines.  She advised residents to treat them all as though they're live.
Sorrow said individuals can in part prepare for the potential of power outages by having batteries in the home and extra medical supplies on hand. 
Habersham EMC officials are also preparing for the storm with people on call and crews ready to respond.

Jackson EMC electrical safety tips:


  • Beware of fallen power lines
  • Take proper precautions when using generators
  • Prepare for medical needs
  • Check breaker panels before calling power company

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Source:  Jackson EMC

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