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Clint Smith doubles up with Senoia Late Model victories

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SENOIA, Ga. - Clint Smith picked up a pair of victories on Saturday night, as he scored wins in the Super Late Model and Limited Late Model features at Georgia’s Senoia Raceway.

The wins came on a night of scheduled racing and make-up features from the prior week.

Fresh off his Southern All-Stars Super Late Model victory on July, Smith battled with T.J. Reaid for the lead position during the opening laps of the Super Late Model feature. Reaid slid in front of Smith on the first lap only to have Smith return the favor with a in the second turn of the next lap. The two continued to swap the lead for the next four turns before Smith finally gained enough momentum to move away from Reaid. Smith would never be challenged again posting his fourth Super Late Model win of the season at Senoia.

Ricky Williams finished in third, with Ashton Winger in fourth, and Craig Scott in fifth.

Joseph Brown tried to hold back Smith in the first of two feature races for the Limited Late Models. Brown could only keep the veteran at bay for two laps before Smith moved ahead and then cruised to the victory. Brown would settle for second ahead of Jason Williams in third, with Cass Fowler in fourth, and Matt Dooley in fifth.

The second feature for the Limited Late Models was a war between several drivers, as Joseph Brown, Oliver Gentry, Fowler, Dooley and Tod Darda battled for the win. The drivers swapped the top positions several times during the 20-lap action packed race while racing three wide at times.

In the end, it was Fowler taking the victory, with Brown in second, Darda in third, Gentry in fourth and Dooley in fifth.

Dennis Lykins, Jr. padded his point lead in the Crate Late Models with a pair of flag to flag victories. Lykins, Jr. kept all challengers at bay with strategic restarts.

In the first feature, Zach Shelton finished in second, with Jody Knowles in third, Cruz Skinner in fourth and Marty Lunsford in fifth.

In the second feature, it was Matt Black finishing in second, with Shelton third, Skinner fourth and Knowles in fifth.

Billy Stevenson led all but three laps of the two features for the Late Model Sportsman division. Stevenson inherited the lead in first feature after then leader Bobby Arnold broke on the third lap. Stevenson would lead the rest of the way in the first race and then go flag to flag in the second race to clean sweep the action Curtis Turner finished second, with Taylor Cole third, Dustin Newell in fourth, and Blake Griffin in fifth.

Cole finished second in the second feature, with Ted Minnix in third, Turner in fourth and Matt Larson in fifth.

A scary moment in the second race saw Brandon McDaniel lose control exiting the fourth turn while in a fierce race for position. McDaniel’s car slammed into the inside retaining wall, nearly going over the top and into the busy pit area.

Dunie Dillard won for the fourth time in a month topping the Bomber feature. Dillard jumped to the lead early and then held off Dorough Bright for the win. Randy Cornwell, Derrick Matthews and Wilson Boozer rounded out the top five.

Mark Newton was the winner in the Mini-Stock feature. J.J. Garrett finished in second, followed by Mike Youniner in third, Jamie Nicholson, Sr. in fourth and Trey Rogers in fifth.

Ted Willingham topped the Hobby Stock field to score the victory, with Joe Hillman in second, John Holcomb in third, Jr. Hardy in fourth and Mike Jenkins in fifth.

Dean Williams swept the action in the pair of Hot Shot features.

Racing will continue this Saturday, July 15 with a full line-up of action. For more information, visit

Senoia Raceway – Senoia, GA
Race Results – July 8, 2017

Super Late Models
1. Clint Smith
2. T.J. Reaid
3. Ricky Williams
4. Ashton Winger
5. Craig Scott
6. Mason Massey
7. Dale Thurman
8. Bubba Pollard
9. Will Roland
10. Shane Fulcher
11. Dalton Polston
12. Glenn Morris
13. Brandon Carpenter
14. Landon Bagby
15. Corey Payton
16. Ryan Crane
17. Zack Mitchell

Limited Late Models
Make Up Feature From July 1, 2017
1. Clint Smith
2. Joseph Brown
3. Jason Williams
4. Cass Fowler
5. Matt Dooley
6. Dennis Hale
7. Jack Mills
8. Jimmy Price
9. Rucker Orr
10. Dylan Holmes
11. Thomas Mewborn
12. Bailey Williams
13. Glenn Morris
14. Jason Lively
15. Lawson Hill
16. Justin Hammett
17. Justin Angle
18. Michael Turner
19. Jamie Carr
20. Russell Schell
21. Joey Armistead
22. Brant Hardin

Limited Late Models
1. Cass Fowler
2. Joseph Brown
3. Tod Darda
4. Oliver Gentry
5. Matt Dooley
6. Jason Williams
7. Dylan Holmes
8. Jason Lively
9. Bailey Williams
10. Rodney Orr
11. Lawson Hill
12. Thomas Mewborn
13. Dennis Hale
14. Brant Hardin
15. Justin Angle
16. Jimmy Price
17. Michael Turner
18. Jack Mills
19. Joseph Darda
20. Jamie Carr
21. Russell Schell
22. Joey Armistead

Crate Late Models
Make Up Feature From July 1, 2017
1. Dennis Lykins, Jr.
2. Zach Shelton
3. Jody Knowles
4. Cruz Skinner
5. Marty Lunsford
6. Matt Black
7. Chaz Haskins
8. Dow Kirkland
9. Jamie Maurice
10. Wayne Harbin
11. Will Herrington
12. Chase Baker
13. Jacques Daniel
14. David Beam
15. Tina Johnson
16. Matthew Wyatt
17. Matt Thompson
18. David Burtz
19. Phil Deal
20. Colby Darda

Crate Late Models
1. Dennis Lykins, Jr.
2. Matt Black
3. Zach Shelton
4. Cruz Skinner
5. Jody Knowles
6. Marty Lunsford
7. Will Herrington
8. Chaz Haskins
9. Dow Kirkland
10. Chase Baker
11. Jamie Maurice
12. Wayne Harbin
13. Jacques Daniel
14. David Burtz
15. Matthew Wyatt
16. Tina Johnson
17. Phil Deal
18. Colby Darda
DNS: David Beam
DNS: Matt Thompson

Late Model Sportsman
Make Up Feature From July 1, 2017
1. Billy Stevenson
2. Curtis Turner
3. Taylor Cole
4. Dustin Newell
5. Blake Griffin
6. Ronnie McCullough
7. Paul Hollway
8. Johnny Stinchcomb
9. Brandon McDaniel
10. Billy Callahan
11. Matt Larson
12. Travis Price
13. Ted Minnix
14. Jamie Nicholson
15. Lee Fuller
16. Levi Campbell
17. Brandon Huffman
18. Jake Traylor
19. Keith Fields
20. Clyde Alexander
21. Bobby Arnold

Late Model Sportsman
1. Billy Stevenson
2. Taylor Cole
3. Ted Minnix
4. Curtis Turner
5. Matt Larson
6. Keith Fields
7. Billy Callahan
8. Jamie Nicholson
9. Jake Traylor
10. Paul Holloway
11. Travis Price
12. Ronnie McCullough
13. Brandon Huffman
14. Name Not Available
15. Dustin Newell
16. Lee Fuller
17. Johnny Stinchcomb
18. Levi Campbell
19. Blake Griffin
20. Brandon McDaniel
DNS: Bobby Arnold

Hobby Stock
1. Ted Willingham
2. Joe Hillman
3. John Holcomb
4. Jr Hardy
5. Mike Jenkins
6. Scott Sherrer
7. Larry Bednar
8. Pappy Powell
9. Ben Steele
10. Michael Couch

Mini Stock
1. Mark Newton
2. J.J. Garett
3. Mike Younginer
4. Jamie Nicholson, Sr.
5. Trey Rogers
6. Grant Roberts
7. Jamie Godbee
8. Josh Carter
9. Bobby Faulkner
10. Tommy Faulkner
11. Rocky Johnson
12. Shawn Sealy
13. Denver Stepp
14. Marc Leath

1. Dunie Dillard
2. Dorough Bright
3. Randy Cornwell
4. Derrick Matthews
5. Wilson Boozer
6. Larry Pierce
7. Ricky Neill
8. Abe Chase
9. Matt Steele
10. McKenna Nelms
11. Charlie Garrett
12. Chris Arnett
13. Vern Miller
14. David Jackson

Hot Shot
Make Up Feature From July 1, 2017
1. Dean Williams
2. Nathan Farrow
3. Mark Meyer
4. Rick Ricks
5. Lucas Pittman
6. Dave McWilliams
7. Kenny Taylor

Hot Shot
1. Dean Williams
2. Rick Ricks
3. Mark Meyer
4. Nathan Farrow
5. Lucas Pittman
6. Wayne Chapman
7. Dave McWilliams

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