Friday May 26th, 2017 9:09AM

Possible bird flu detected in northern Alabama

By Georgia News Network
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It appears avian influenza or bird flu has popped up in as many as three north Alabama counties.
The virus is suspected in Lauderdale, Jackson, and Madison Counties along the Tennessee line. Jackson also borders northwest Georgia. 
Just over a week ago avian influenza was discovered in Lincoln County, Tennessee, which borders Alabama. 
The Alabama state veterinarian issued a stop movement order for certain chickens in Alabama in order to contain the suspected virus. 
Georgia State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Cobb told the Georgia News Network that people with poultry need to educate themselves.
"That means the commercial groups.  That also means mom and pop that have two pet chickens in the back yard."
As with the Tennessee cases, poultry and other agriculture stakeholders in Georgia are keeping a close eye on the developments .
"I would recommend that anybody who has chickens or poultry outside, if at all possible, get them into a biosecure environment," Cobb said.  "Bring them inside.  Keep them out of the direct contact with wild birds."
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