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Everett takes close Modified Street victory at Hartwell

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Jennifer Everett held off two hard charging competitors to score the Modified Street feature victory at Georgia’s Hartwell Speedway by little more than half a car length.

Everett, who hails from Winder, Georgia, earned the outside pole starting spot by winning her heat race, while Thomas Segars won the first heat to score the pole for the feature.

On the drop of the green flag, Everett held her ground on the high side, coming away with the lead while the field jockeyed for position behind her.

Segars settled into second, but challenged Everett on every corner. Meanwhile, Doster was on the charge, and soon bypassed Segars for the runner-up spot.

Over the remainder of the 15-lap feature, Doster and Segars tried time and again to find a way around Everett. Each time, Everett held fast to the quicker outside line. Doster would move to the inside, and get as far as the driver’s side door, only to see Everett pull back out to clear the challenge off the corner.

On the final lap, Doster drove hard into turn three, moving alongside Everett as the two moved through turn four and off the corner, with Segars looking for a way into the battle behind them. As they raced to the checkered flag, Everett was able to edge out to a half car length lead, beating Doster back to the flag stand for the victory.

Segars had to settle for third, with Corey Cagle in fourth and Johnny Pilgrim in fifth.

In other action, the Crate Late Model feature also proved to be a spirited battle. Danny Sanders just edged Larry Timms for the pole for the feature in qualifying, with Sanders using the pole winner’s choice to start on the preferred outside line.

On the drop of the green flag, Timms worked hard on the inside line, and managed to beat out Sanders to take the lead. Sanders worked hard lap after lap to try to find a route around Timms to take the lead.

Over the closing laps, Timms was able to move away to build an advantage, and went on to score his second straight feature win. Sanders finished in second, with Cody Pritchett in third, Eric Veal in fourth and Sam Hicks in fifth.

In the Hobby feature, Joe Yarbrough had to work hard to keep Shane Yarbrough and Stephen Segars behind him, but was able to do just that, as he scored the victory. Taylor Griffith finished in fourth and Kevin Tullis rolled home in fifth.

In another close feature finish, Jack Hill edged out Shannon Duck and Evan Brown to win in the Stock V8 feature. Stephen House and Keith Teasley rounded out the top five.

Ryan Boles held off Harley Holden to record the Stock Four feature victory. Dustin Bales finished third, followed by Grant Roberts in fourth and Jeff Dobbs in fifth.

Seth Brown took the win in the Up Front feature, with Kalen Holmes in second, Justin Sorrow in third, Joel Powell, Jr. in fourth and North West in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway returns to action on Saturday, October 14 for the annual Pause For The Cause race. For more information, visit

Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell, GA
Race Results – October 7, 2017

Modified Street
1. #J19 Jennifer Everett
2. #104 Daniel Doster
3. #5s Thomas Segars
4. #C5 Corey Cagle
5. #19 Johnny Pilgrim
6. #37 C.S. Roberts
7. #12 Bobby Stewart
8. #1 Tim Stephens
9. #8 Cameron Collett
10. #94 Preston Strickland
11. #18 Jimmy Motes

Crate Late Models
1. #07 Larry Timms
2. #4 Danny Sanders
3. #15 Cody Prichett
4. #3A Eric Veal
5. #19 Sam Hicks
6. #05 Grand Jordan
7. #11 Derrick Harvey
8. #30 Kole Hardy
9. #97 Mitchell Godfrey

1. #41 Joe Yarbrough
2. #141 Shane Yarbrough
3. #114 Stephen Segars
4. #49 Taylor Griffith
5. #3 Kevin Tullis
6. #11 Jack Anderson
7. #34 Jim Madden
8. #7 Cody Hill
9. #10 Cody Smith
10. #5 Logan Stinchcomb

Stock V8
1. #54 Jack Hill
2. #33 Shannon Duck
3. #9 Evan Brown
4. #4 Stephen House
5. #77 Keith Teasley
6. #91 Ricky Jones
7. #19 Donald McDonald
8. #34 Robert Crowe
9. #35 Paul Moore
10. #23 Zach Brown
11. #00 Len Cleveland

Stock Four
1. #2B Ryan Boles
2. #08 Harley Holden
3. #34 Dustin Bales
4. #9 Grant Roberts
5. #99 Jeff Dobbs
6. #7X Pete Whitley
7. #43 Robert Booth
8. #38 Bobby Croya
9. #2 Rhett Langston
10. #13 Jeffery Lord

Up Front
1. #55 Seth Brown
2. #18 Kalen Holmes
3. #00 Justin Sorrow
4. #23 Joel Powell, Jr.
5. #27 North West
6. #9 Scott Parker
7. #8 Stacy Roberts
8. #58 Eddie Segars
9. #87 Ryan Carter
10. #7B Brandon Grimes

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