Saturday October 21st, 2017 3:35PM

Habersham EMC adds electric vehicles to corporate fleet

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CLARKESVILLE - Recently you may have seen these unique-looking vehicles on a street near you. They are not only colorful, they are also environmentally friendly.<br /> <br /> Habersham Electric Membership Corp. has added plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to its corporate fleet. <br /> <br /> The PHEVs were added to HEMC's fleet to be used for transportation to meetings, visits with consumers and other business functions. <br /> <br /> The cars are Ford C-Max and Chevy Volt.<br /> <br /> Both are powered by conventional fuels and electrical energy stored in a battery.<br /> <br /> The cars use 40 to 60 percent less gas than conventional vehicles and can be driven using only electricity.<br /> <br /> Through the vehicles' regenerative braking, the batteries recharge themselves during braking.<br /> <br /> With automatic start/shutoff, the engine automatically shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts when the accelerator is pressed.<br /> <br /> HEMC offered the following comparisons between its PHEVs and an SUV.<br /> <br /> According to the EV Explorer Calculator, the annual cost to operate the vehicles from Cornelia to the HEMC office in Clarkesville:<br /> <br />
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