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G'ville School Supt. wants the law clear on no guns

By Jerry Gunn Reporter
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GAINESVILLE - Gainesville School Superintendent Wanda Creel says part of her Strategic Plan presented Monday night is making sure there are no guns brought to Gainesville schools by individuals.<br /> <br /> Creel said she wants a review of House Bill 60 and a resolution added to it that prohibits guns at school.<br /> <br /> "When you go back and review the law and the resolution that immediately follows that, we just want to make sure we're communicating clearly that guns are not allowed on our school campuses and individuals cannot carry weapons into our schools or onto our sports fields," Creel said. "There was an initial law and there was a resolution that changed that law and we're working to make sure that is posted correctly."<br /> <br /> Under H.B. 60, besides in bars without restrictions, guns could be brought into some government buildings that don't have certain security measures, such as metal detectors or security guards screening visitors. Religious leaders would have the final say as to whether guns can be carried into their place of worship.<br /> <br /> School districts would now be able, if they choose, to allow some employees to carry a firearm on school grounds under certain conditions.<br /> <br /> Creel added that school system attorneys around the state are working to make sure that the law and its resolution is understood by everyone.<br /> <br /> G'VILLE SCHOOLS 50 percent 'E.L.L.'<br /> <br /> Dr. Creel says that English language learners from Mexico and South America are nothing new. They make up 50 percent of Gainesville's public school students according to her Strategic Plan report. <br /> <br /> "We have students coming in from South America all the time and so it's not necessarily quite the way it's been portrayed," Creel said. "That is something we do every day."<br /> <br /> Creel estimated only 19 refugee students have arrived from South America to attend school this year and the English Language Learner program has been in place for several years.<br /> <br /> TAX DECREASE APPROVED<br /> <br /> Gainesville School Board members tentatively approved a lower tax mill rate and that means a no tax increase budget for FY 2015. Chief Financial Officer Janet Allison added that it also means taxes are dropping on assessed property.<br /> <br /> "For the average $150,000 house that's about a $16.50 decrease," Allison said. "For every $100,000 of assessed value it's about an $11 decrease, so its not a lot but it is something."<br /> <br /> Allison said the millage rate dropped from 7.59 to 7.48 mills because of a tight budget and an improving economy that expanded the tax digest.
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