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Craig Scott claims Firecracker 30 win at Senoia Raceway

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SENOIA, GA - Newnan's Craig Scott jumped to the lead from his outside front row starting position as he beat pole sitter Marc Gooden of Lafayette, AL to the first turn. Scott never looked back going flag to flag and posting his biggest win at Senoia Raceway in Senoia, GA. The veteran racer pocketed the $1000 top prize claiming the Firecracker 30 special for the Newnan Bonding B Cadets.<br /> <br /> Other winners on the holiday weekend special included Fayetteville's Glenn Morris in the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model, Franklin's Chris Steele in the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock, Newnan's Brandon Libri in the Senoia Drug Company Mini Stock, Alabama's Paul Walters in the A1 Hydraulics Bomber and Carrollton's Dustin Smith in the Modified Mini.<br /> <br /> In front of a packed house, Scott stuck his car on the top side of the track and outran Gooden through the first turn, snaring the lead down the back stretch. Scott survived a number of cautions and restarts before claiming his first win of the season. The 30-lap special was slowed by several cautions for spun race cars, accidents and cars stopped with mechanical issues.<br /> <br /> Newnan Bonding B Cadet points leader Jason Miller of Jonesboro flew back from a family vacation for the special event. Miller may have wished he stayed in Florida as he was involved in several cautions and exited early with a badly damaged race car.<br /> <br /> Scott had no issues and won pulling away from Marc Gooden. LaGrange's Buck Ussery finished in third ahead of Newnan's Parrish Duncan and Bowden's Wesley Lyle.<br /> <br /> Chris Steele battled with Williamson's Houston Hatchett for the first fourteen circuits of the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock main before running side by side for a lap and a half and then securing the top spot. Steele won for the third time this season with Hatchett finishing second. Salem, AL's Nathan McBride ran third in his first appearance at the track while Brook's Mike Jenkins was fourth and Ben Steele of Franklin fifth.<br /> <br /> Paul Walters led all laps in the A1 Hydraulics Bomber class, but it was not an easy win. Senoia's Winford Minix pestered Walters the entire race, making slight contact with him on a few occasions. Minix's tactic did not waver the veteran as he claimed his second win of the season. Minix would settle for second with Griffin's John Holcomb, Palmetto's Josh Roddy and Griffin's Alex Rudolph completing the first five.<br /> <br /> "He bumped me a couple of times," said Walters afterwards. "But that just told me to pick up the pace a little."<br /> <br /> Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models points leader Glenn Morris has been strong for the past six weeks winning twice, nabbing fast qualifier marks and running among the top three on a weekly basis. Morris claimed the top spot again on Saturday night as he bested Alabama's Dana Eiland who had won the previous week. Eiland never was close as Morris had his Chevrolet dialed in to the bull ring. Thomaston's Shane Fulcher was third followed by Grantville's Austin Horton and Columbus hot shoe Pat Wall.<br /> <br /> "It's not easy to beat guys like that," said Morris. "The car is just running good."<br /> <br /> Sixteen-year-old Brandon Libri moved into victory lane after apparent Senoia Drug Company feature winner Brandon Brock of Hampton was disqualified after refusing to tear down his engine after it was protested by another competitor. Brock chose not to tear down as he is selling his car in preparation for a move to the Legends Car division.<br /> <br /> Dustin Smith won the Modified Mini race after leader Todd Brewster broke for the third straight week.<br /> <br /> Senoia Raceway is back in action on Saturday, July 12.<br /> <br /> For more information, visit the track's website at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br /> <br /> <strong>Senoia Raceway - Senoia, GA</strong><br /> <strong> Race Results - July 5, 2014</strong><br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Late Models</strong></span><br /> 1. Glenn Morris<br /> 2. Dana Eiland<br /> 3. Shane Fulcher<br /> 4. Austin Horton<br /> 5. Pat Wall<br /> 6. Clifton Moran<br /> 7. Chad Wallace<br /> 8. Corey Payton<br /> 9. Richard Dale<br /> 10. Tod Darda<br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>B Cadets</strong></span><br /> 1. Craig Scott<br /> 2. Marc Gooden<br /> 3. Buck Ussery<br /> 4. Parrish Duncan<br /> 5. Wesley Lyle<br /> 6. Bubba Gorman<br /> 7. Thomas Mewborn<br /> 8. Roger Arnett<br /> 9. Bennie Croy<br /> 10. Paul Holloway<br /> 11. Jason Miller<br /> 12. Cory Hillman<br /> 13. Dusty Jones<br /> 14. T.J. Joiner<br /> 15. Charlie Garrett<br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Hobby Stocks</strong></span><br /> 1. Chris Steele<br /> 2. Houston Hatchett<br /> 3. Nathan McBride<br /> 4. Mike Jenkins<br /> 5. Ben Steele<br /> 6. Todd Hatchett<br /> 7. Chad Foster<br /> 8. Gary Brand<br /> 9. Sam Carter<br /> 10. Bryson Ussery<br /> DNS: Scott Sherrer, Tommy Jerrell, Ben Wells<br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Mini Stocks</strong></span><br /> 1. Brandon Libri<br /> 2. Harold Leath<br /> 3. Tim Collier<br /> 4. Allen Barber<br /> 5. Matt Thompson<br /> 6. Cassie Dingler-Still<br /> DQ: Brandon Brock<br /> DNS:Gary Parker<br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Bombers</strong></span><br /> 1. Paul Walters<br /> 2. Winford Minix<br /> 3. John Holloway<br /> 4. Josh Roddy<br /> 5. Alex Rudolph<br /> 6. David Johnson<br /> 7. JimJackson<br /> 8. Carley Arnett<br /> 9. Jay Conner<br /> 10. Jonathan Hemmings<br /> 11. George Purgason<br /> DNS: Bobby Arnold<br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Modified Mini</strong></span><br /> 1. Dustin Smith<br /> 2. Dorough Bright<br /> 3. Todd Brewster<br /> <br />  
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