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Jewel Series opens with wild night at Senoia Raceway

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SENOIA, GA - Ten different drivers visited the Senoia Raceway winner's circle this past weekend. The 3/8 mile bullring hosted the annual Jewel Series season opener which offers competitors double features in a special three event series. With 12 feature races on the schedule, only two divisions saw one driver sweep the action. The others were split creating more winners than any other time this season.

Hamilton's Thomas Lewis clean swept the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model twins while Franklin's Chris Steele did the same in the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock. Whitesburg's Blant Duke and LaGrange's David Osbahr split the main events for the Newnan Bonding B Cadets. Senoia's Winford Minix and Alvaton's Jay Conner picked up wins in the A1 Hydraulics Bomber and brothers Harold and Marc Leath from Griffin and Hampton won the Senoia Drug Company Mini Stock. Douglasville's Aubrey Merrit won the first Modified Mini feature and Newnan's Dorough Bright won the second race.

In addition to the great racing action and multiple winners, the tough track also had a few scary accidents. In the first race for the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock, Brook's Kerry Carden was running a strong third when he bounced off the front stretch wall and barrel-rolled three times down the front stretch. Carden was ok, but his Chevrolet Camaro was nearly destroyed in the wild wreck.

The A1 Hydraulics Bomber division also saw a roll-over when Franklin's Terri Thomaston tangled with the 'Riverdale Rocket' Mike Ray during the bombers second round race. Thomaston ended up on her roof in turn two, but was ok.

The accident was the second of the night involving Thomaston that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. In the first race of the night for the A1 Hydrualics Bomber class, Thomaston was running just in front of the leaders on the final lap. Then race leader Dustin Smith dove low in turn three to try and pass Thomaston while Jay Conner was fast on his tail. Smith snagged the left quarter panel of Thomaston and drove up into the driver's side window with his right side tires. While up on two wheels, Conner shot past into the lead out of the final turn and stole the win. Smith would end up second and Thomaston's night was on a roll. Pun intended.

The double feature racing action also scrambled the point standings in all the weekly chases. LaGrange's Tod Darda still leads the way in the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model while Newnan's Johnny Stinchcomb heads up the Newnan Bonding B Cadet rankings. Stinchcomb has Jonesboro's Jason Miller close by, but Saturday night winner David Osbahr is closing the gap on both drivers quickly.

The best points races of the early season can be found in the A1 Hydraulics Bomber and Senoia Drug Company Mini Stock divisions. In the Bomber, Griffin's John Holcomb and Dustin Smith are only separated by one point going into this weekend's holiday racing card while Harold Leath leads former Senoia Drug Company Mini Stock champion Gary Parker of Barnesville in the four cylinder standings.

The stock car racing action resumes this Saturday, May 24 as Crown Security presents the racing action. All six weekly divisions will be competing along with the motorcycle engine powered Legends Cars will also be part of the show.

Senoia Raceway - Senoia, GA
Jewel Series Event 1 - May 17, 2014

Late Models Race 1
1. Thomas Lewis
2. Glenn Morris
3. Tod Darda
4. Dusty Jones
5. Shane Fulcher
6. Austin Horton
7. Clifton Moran
8. Marcus Caswell
9. Parrish Duncan
10. Rick Woodruff
11. Corey Payton
12. Craig Scott

Late Models Race 2
1. Thomas Lewis
2. Tod Darda
3. Dusty Jones
4. Shane Fulcher
5. Glenn Morris
6. Marcus Caswell
7. Clifton Moran
8. Parrish Duncan
9. Corey Payton
10. Rick Woodruff
11. Austin Horton
DNS: Craig Scott

B Cadets Race 1
1. Blant Duke
2. David Osbahr
3. Richard Smith
4. Charlie Garrett
5. Johnny Stinchcomb
6. Bennie Croy
7. Don Doyce
8. Jason Miller
9. Paul Holloway
10. Wesley Lyle
11. Jeff Carter

B Cadets Race 2
1. David Osbahr
2. Jason Miller
3. Johnny Stinchcomb
4. Charlie Garrett
5. Paul Holloway
6. Bennie Croy
7. Don Doyce
8. Richard Smith
DNS: Blant Duke, Jeff Carter, Wesley Lyle

Hobby Stock Race 1
1. Chris Steele
2. Houston Hatchett
3. Ben Wells
4. Bill Brown
5. Chad Foster
6. Wilson Boozer
7. Sam Carter
8. Ronnie Thacker
9. Kerry Carden
10. Mike Jenkins

Hobby Stock Race 2
1. Chris Steele
2. Houston Hatchett
3. Chad Foster
4. Wilson Boozer
5. Mike Jenkins
6. Sam Carter
7. Ben Wells
8. Ronnie Thacker
9. Bill Brown
DNS: Kerry Carden

Mini Stock Race 1
1. Harold Leath
2. Gary Parker
3. Randy Brady
4. Marc Leath
5. Robbie Quinta
6. Cassie Dingler
7. Robert Caldwell
8. Trey Lewallen
DNS: Brandon Libri

Mini Stock Race 2
1. Marc Leath
2. Gary Parker
3. Harold Leath
4. Trey Lewallen
5. Randy Brady
6. Robert Caldwell
7. Cassie Dingler
8. Robbie Quinta
DNS: Brandon Libri

Bomber Race 1
1. Jay Conner
2. Dustin Smith
3. John Holcomb
4. Winford Minix
5. Hoke Duke
6. Michael Lilly
7. Josh Roddy
8. Alex Rudolph
9. Pappy Powell
10. James Barber, Jr.
11. Carley Arnett
12. Mike Ray
13. Terri Thomaston

Bomber Race 2
1. Winford Minix
2. Josh Roddy
3. Dustin Smith
4. Alex Rudolph
5. Michael Lilly
6. John Holcomb
7. James Barber, Jr.
8. Pappy Powell
9. Carley Arnett
10. Jay Conner
11. Terri Thomaston
12. Mike Ray
DNS: Hoke Duke

Modified Mini Race 1
1. Aubrey Merrit
2. Dan Bennett
3. Dustin Smith
4. Dorough Bright
5. David Brackett
6. Brandon Bright
7. Patty Ann Hoell

Modified Mini Race 2
1. Dorough Bright
2. Dustin Smith
3. Aubrey Merrit
4. Dan Bennett
5. David Brackett
6. Patty Ann Hoell
DNS: Brandon Bright
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