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Leonard wins Stock V8 battle at Hartwell Speedway

By Heather Rhoades
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HARTWELL - Hartwell Speedway's history books were cracked open and fresh ink put to paper Saturday night with a history making finish during the Stock V8 All Star Challenge race at the Hartwell, GA raceway with a three car battle ending with Donnie Leonard just beating out Cal Moon and Keith Teasley for the win.

On the drop of the green flag, Moon would take the early lead Teasley and Rocky Jones in tow. Moon would continue to hold the lead until he raced into lapped traffic. Moon tapped the brakes to avoid a lapped car, with Teasley making contact, sending Moon around. With less than five laps to go officials decided to send both Moon and Teasley to the rear of the field for the restart.

Jones suddenly found himself with the lead, but he too would experience bad luck, as his car spun, bringing out another caution flag.

Leonard was left with the lead with three laps to go. Back under green, Moon and Teasley worked their way into position to challenge for the lead. Leonard would manage to make his machine as wide as possible for the remaining laps. With the white flag in the air both Moon and Teasley were within striking distance of the leader. Coming to the checkered flag, Moon and Teasley were side by side, looking for daylight. Leonard would cross the finish line just ahead of battling Moon and Teasley. Ray Foskey finished in fourth, with Rocky Jones in fifth.

In other action, David McCoy edged out Jimmy Johnson for the win in the Limited late Model feature. Brandon Haley came home in third, with Bubba Russell in fourth and Clayton Turner in fifth.

Kyre Mullaney topped the field for the victory in the SECA Late Model feature. Adam Smith finished in second, with Chris Cape in third, Bryce Alewine in fourth and David McCoy in fifth.

In Modified Street action, Paul Byrum beat out the field for the win. Rusty Jordan finished in second, with Jack Hill in third, Butch Shepherd in fourth and Jennifer Everette in fifth.

J.J. Garrett was first under the checkered flag for the Stock Four Cylinder victory. Chris Wilson, Cy Strickland, Shane Strickland and Holton Bradshaw rounded out the top five.

In Young Guns, Payton Freeman scored the victory, with Jeremy Hicks in second, Adam Partain in third, Jessica Still in fourth and Mallarie Burdette in fifth.

Chris Hill took the Up Front feature victory. Scott Isbell ran second, with Jackie Holden in third, Stacy Foster in fourth and Tony Hill in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway is back in action on Saturday, April 19, with a full slate of racing.

Hartwell Speedway - Hartwell, GA
Race Results - April 12, 2014

Stock V8
1. #95 Donnie Leonard
2. #69 Cal Moon
3. #8 Keith Teasley
4. #22 Ray Foskey
5. #101 Rocky Jones
6. #2 Holly Bales
7. #27 George Fortson
8. #9 Terry Brown

Limited Late Model
1. #187 David McCoy
2. #98 Jimmy Johnson
3. #51 Brandon Haley
4. #32 Bubba Russell
5. #102 Clayton Turner
6. #15 Ethan Hunter
7. #71 Mike Ashley
8. #53 Chad Puckett
9. #95 Ted Crunkleton
10. #F1 Keith Freeman
11. #1x JR Headen

SECA Late Model
1. #22 Kyre Mullaney
2. #14 Adam Smith
3. #5 Chris Cape
4. #10 Bryce Alewine
5. #187 David McCoy
6. #05 Grant Jordan
7. #98 Russell Fleeman
8. #8 Rodney Peters
9. #4 Danny Sanders
10. #28 Greg Pilgram
11. #31 Brad Morehead
12. #9 Shane Garrett
13. #37 Jimmy Ivester
14. #21 Cameron Crowe
15. #16 Colby Cannon
16. #D5 Drew Collins
DNS: #121 Drew Cole

Modified Street
1. #25 Paul Byrum
2. #5 Rusty Jordan
3. #0 Jack Hill
4. #34 Butch Shepherd
5. #19 Jenifer Everette
6. #87 John Teasley
7. #418 Greg Scoggins
8. #1B Sammy Calhoun
9. #18 Jeremy Jones
10. #149 O'Neal Capps
11. #64 Stephen Segars
12. #3 Charlie Burroughs

Stock Four Cylinder
1. #28 JJ Garrett
2. #B6 Chris Wilson
3. #119 Cy Strickland
4. #19 Shane Strickland
5. #27 Holton Bradshaw
6. #23 Mason Tucker
7. #1 Cody Segars
8. #28C Brent Couch
9. #33 Randy Edmond
10. #5 Thomas Segars

Young Guns
1. #F1 Payton Freeman
2. #1 Jeremy Hicks
3. #87 Adam Partain
4. #08 Jessica Still
5. #5 Mallarie Burdette
6. #59 Jonathan Cheeseman

Up Front
1. #13 Chris Hill
2. #33 Scott Isbell
3. #67 Jackie Holden
4. #8 Stacy Foster
5. #T3 Tony Hill
6. #27x Neil Meeks
7. #81 Robbie Cook
8. #00 Michael Mosley
9. #5 Travis BarBare
10. #89 Joel Powell
11. #73 Wayne Chapman
12. #69 Jonathan Starrett
13. #11 Kalen Holmes
14. #7 Justin Radien
15. #13 Clayton Jones
16. #H0 Harley Holden
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