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Track and Field: Gainesville boys, North Hall girls claim Hall County titles

By Morgan Lee Sports Editor
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FLOWERY BRANCH -- Marcquel Woodard is nowhere near his peak yet, not even sure which event he will focus on the rest of this season -- but his performances Friday made it seem as though the state meet was just around the corner.

That's what a Hall County title meant to the Gainesville senior -- and what it meant to every other athlete competing in the county championships at Flowery Branch High.

"Any win is a good win, but winning here at Hall County, going against the guys you've raced against for years is a lot of fun, and it makes you want to win even more," Woodard said.

Woodard's gold medals in the 400 and 800 meters -- not to mention his stunning, come-from-behind performance in the anchor leg of the 4x400 relay -- helped the Red Elephants fend off North Hall for their second straight county championship, while Gabrielle Hoffman and Trini Puente also stormed to multiple wins to help North Hall claim the girls crown.

"It's awesome, especially competing against some of these (Class) AAAA and AAAAA schools, and we're still only AAA this year, so to beat them out is pretty special," Hoffman said. "We've done so well tonight, and I love cheering my girls on. We work really well together."

The Lady Trojans totaled 181 points and almost needed every one, as they pulled away from a three-way battle to edge out Flowery Branch (155.5) and Gainesville (155) -- in fact, after field events and halfway through track events, Flowery Branch held a 98.5-98 lead over North Hall, with Gainesville just behind at 95.

Then came the 100 hurdles and 200 meters, which saw the Lady Trojans claim 1-2 in each event. Hoffman won the 100 hurdles in 16.29, while Puente was runner up in the 100 hurdles and first in the 200 at 26.84, with teammate Olivia Bradley second. Hoffman had already won the pole vault (10-feet-3) and Puente the long jump (16-02.5) and both had also helped the Lady Trojans to a 4x100 meter relay win.

"We knew things were kinda' close at one point, but we also know that Trini and I could do well in the 100 hurdles and help us get in front," Hoffman said. "Trini's so great in the 200 (meters) and I love competing with her in the 100 hurdles. She just makes me better."

Those kind of battles took place in a number of events on Friday, including the boys 1,600 -- which saw North Hall's Bryce Schuebert take a lead, fall behind and then pass Flowery Branch's Miguel Martinez over the final 100 meters to claim gold in 4:35.

"When he passed me I knew he wanted it being at home, but that just made me want it more," Schuebert said. "This means a lot to me because it's one of the few races the people at school know about because it is all-Hall County, and it feels great."

The girls 1,600 also saw a late surge from Flowery Branch's Kaylie Tanner to cement a gold medal, as the Lady Falcons' runner surged past North Hall's Makayla Ellis over the final 300 meters to finish in 5:37.

"It's been hard to get going because of the winter we've had, but coach (Jimmy Sorrells) is doing a good job keeping us going and working us hard," Tanner said. "And it's really nice to beat out the Hall County competition."

Ellis fought back to get the victory in the 3,200 meters (12:07) -- part of seven gold medals for the Lady Trojans during the meet. Meanwhile, the North Hall boys also had six gold medals to finish with 143.7 points.

But it wasn't enough to derail Gainesville's 176.9 -- which was also buoyed by Orrin Ragland's sweep in the 100 and 200 meters (11.49 and 23.42, respectively), as well as Ragland's victory in the triple jump (43-05).

In fact it was Ragland and teammate Cameron Drake that jump-started Gainesville's surge to the title, finishing 1-2 in the triple jump.

"We knew we had to come out hard, and our guys really focused on technique and the little things today," said Woodard, whose team racked up six gold medals but also notched five silver and five bronze finishes. "The triple jump really was the starting point for us."

Now, all the athletes involved in Friday's competition hope this is just the start of something bigger, as the season turns toward its halfway point and the region and state meets ahead.

"This is a chance to fix errors and and get on track the rest of the way," said Flowery Branch's Isaac Mize, who soared past the competition in the high jump, clearing 6-2. "I was focused today and thinking about this like it was state. But now I know what I've got to improve on the rest of the way."

Team results, Top three finishes
Friday, Flowery Branch High

Team Results
1. Gainesville, 176.9
2. North Hall, 143.7
3. Flowery Branch, 93.5
4. West Hall, 83
5. East Hall, 58.5
6. Riverside Military, 45.7
7. Chestatee, 43.7
8. Johnson, 15

Individual Results
1. Drew Bryant, North Hall, 154-06.5
2. Destin Bennett, North Hall, 149-02
3. Colton Quinones, Gainesville, 147-03

Shot put
1. Khalil Cantrell, Chestatee, 40-11
2. Imoter Mngerem, Riverside, 40-04
3. Thad Web, East Hall, 39-00

Triple Jump
1. Orrin Ragland, Gainesville, 43-05
2. Cameron Drake, Gainesville, 41-10
3. Marvin Rosario, Chestatee, 41-04

High Jump
1. Isaac Mize, Flowery Branch, 6-02
2. Nic Sullens, West Hall, 5-08
3. Xavier Reid, West Hall, 5-08

Long Jump
1. JJ MacCalston, Riverside, 20-11.5
2. Rodney Lackey, Gainesville, 20-09.5
3. Cameron Drake, Gainesville, 20-02.5

Pole Vault
1. Gil Hoffman, North Hall, 12-0
2. Hunter Mallard, Gainesville, 10-06
3. Arthur Schouteeten, Gainesville, 10-0

4x100 Relay
1. West Hall A, 44.48
2. East Hall A, 44.73
3. Flowery Branch A, 45.64

4x800 Relay
1. Flowery Branch A, 8:42
2. North Hall A, 8:59
3. Flowery Branch B, 9:27

1,600 Meters
1. Bryce Schuebert, North Hall, 4:35
2. Miguel Martinez, Flowery Branch, 4:37
3. Jack Carnes, Chestatee, 4:39

400 Meters
1. Marcquel Woodard, Gainesville, 51.38
2. Isaac Mize, Flowery Branch, 52.33
3. Jorge Galvan, Gainesville, 54.62

100 Meters
1. Orrin Ragland, Gainesville, 11.49
2. Jacques Ash, East Hall, 11.52
3. Marquavious Jarrells, East Hall, 11.54

110 Meter Hurdles
1. Isaac Seid, North Hall, 16.01
2. DeAndre Borders, Gainesville, 16.15
3. Dmitry Hunter, East Hall, 16.40

800 Meters
1. Marcquel Woodard, Gainesville, 2:05
2. Bryce Schuebert, North Hall, 2:06
3. Nick Ashmead, Flowery Branch, 2:07

200 Meters
1. Orrin Ragland, Gainesville, 23.42
2. Jacques Ash, East Hall, 23.66
3. Jay Crawford, West Hall, 23.98

300 Hurdles
1. Isaac Seid, North Hall, 41.97
2. Ithello Cross, Gainesville, 42.23
3. Dmitry Hunter, East Hall, 43.29

3,200 Meters
1. Quintin Miles, North Hall, 9:53
2. Zack Hill, North Hall, 9:54
3. Juan Ortega, Gainesville, 10:06

4x400 Relay
1. Gainesville A, 3:37
2. Riverside A, 3:39
3. North Hall A, 3:40

Team Results
1. North Hall, 181
2. Flowery Branch, 155.5
3. Gainesville, 155
4. Chestatee, 84
5. West Hall, 53.5
6. East Hall, 13
7. Johnson 3

Individual Results
1. Savanna Long, Chestatee, 57-02.5
2. Kenyana Wesley, Chestatee, 53-06.75
3. Jennifer Rosele, Johnson, 52-03.5

Shot Put
1. Seymour Harper, North Hall, 36-07
2. Alisha Parks, Flowery Branch, 34-04.5
3. Jarlissa Latimore, West Hall, 31-03

Triple Jump
1. Kabree Randolph, Gainesville, 33-06
2. Kayla Kelley, Gainesville, 31-10
3. Haley Dunigan, Flowery Branch, 30-04

High Jump
1. Mia McKensey, West Hall, 5-01
2. Kristin Moroz, Chestatee, 5-00
3. Kayla Kelley, Gainesville, 4-10

Long Jump
1. Trini Puente, North Hall, 16-02.5
2. Kabree Randolph, Gainesville, 15-10.25
3. Kim Hylton, Chestatee, 15-01.75

Pole Vault
1. Gabrielle Hoffman, North Hall, 10-03
2. Mary Seid, North Hall, 7-06
3. Mckenzie Satterfield, West Hall, 6-06

4x100 Relay
1. North Hall A, 51.38
2. Gainesville A, 52.39
3. West Hall A, 54.15

4x800 Relay
1. Flowery Branch A, 10:43
2. North Hall A, 11:21
3. Gainesville A, 11:35

1,600 Meters
1. Kaylie Tanner, Flowery Branch, 5:37
2. Makayla Ellis, North Hall, 5:40
3. Sara Beth English, Chestatee, 5:44

400 Meters
1. Heather Moore, Flowery Branch, 1:03
2. Olivia Bradley, North Hall, 1:04.17
3. Kayla Kelley, Gainesville, 1:04.93

100 Meters
1. Alandria Griffith, Gainesville, 13.36
2. Tanisha Watson, Gainesville, 13.37
3. Dayzjah Loving, Flowery Branch, 13.60

100 Meter Hurdles
1. Gabrielle Hoffman, North Hall, 16.29
2. Trini Puente, North Hall, 17.06
3. Summer Boone, Flowery Branch, 11.24

800 Meters
1. Sara Hayes, Gainesville, 2:35
2. Heather Moore, Flowery Branch, 2:37
3. Maggee Wilson, Chestatee, 2:37

200 Meters
1. Trini Puente, North Hall, 26.84
2. Olivia Bradley, North Hall, 27.64
3. Kabree Randolph, Gainesville, 27.68

300 Hurdles
1. Kim Hylton, Chestatee, 50.27
2. Kristin Moroz, Chestatee, 51.41
3. Summer Boone, Flowery Branch, 52.38

3,200 Meters
1. Makayla Ellis, North Hall, 12:07
2. Cassie Ward, Flowery Branch, 12:18
3. Sarah Beth English, Chestatee, 12:23

4x400 Relay
1. Flowery Branch A, 4:22
2. Gainesville A, 4:23
3. North Hall A, 4:35
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