Wednesday August 15th, 2018 9:15AM

Solar energy one step closer in Banks Co.

By Brian Stewart
HOMER - The Banks County Development Authority approved an agreement that will bring solar energy production to Banks County.<br /> <br /> Brad Day, Executive Director of the Development Authority, says they've been working with a company called Creative Solar to make a one-mega-watt solar energy plant.<br /> <br /> "We've executed a lease to allow the company to use some of our county land," Day said.<br /> <br /> He says they'll use five acres of the 727-acre county farm for the project.<br /> <br /> "We're going to be able to become part of the green energy producers in the region, and we're also going to receive revenue from the company for the land," Day said.<br /> <br /> In terms of jobs, Day says it will mostly come in the form of construction jobs for the facility, although some maintenance jobs will also be created.<br /> <br /> That's not to say it won't have an impact county-wide.<br /> <br /> "For the citizens of Banks County, it will mean paying a little less taxes, because we're bringing in money from an alternative source," Day said.<br /> <br /> The next step for the facility will be at the County Commission, where the project has already been given rezoning approval.<br /> <br /> They commission will need to approve giving the necessary land to the Development Authority.<br />
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