Friday October 20th, 2017 4:45AM

Suwanee sets tax rate, no change from last year

By Derreck Booth Anchor/reporter
SUWANEE - The Suwanee City Council Tuesday decided to leave the city's tax rate the same as it was last year.

Officials voted to leave the rate at 4.93 mills for 2013.

According to the city, Suwanee started the new fiscal year on July 1 with a $12.1 million budget in place. The city expects a 1.2 percent decrease in property tax revenue for the current budget year

Officials said property taxes account for about 39 percent of Suwanee's FY2014 budgeted revenue.

The city plans to issue property tax notices in October. Payment will be due December 20.

According to the city, officials have lowered or kept the same millage rate in Suwanee for more than a decade.
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